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Jordana Brewster And Mason Morfit Marry In California And Drive off In A Fast & Furious Car

Jordana Brewster and Mason Morfitt married in a beautiful ceremony in California on Saturday. After getting engaged in September of last year, the couple got married in front of close friends and family in Redondo Beach, California. The wedding was even more special because it had a big Fast & Furious tie-in.

During the ceremony, several cars from the Fast & Furious movies, which Brewster has been a part of since the first movie came out in 2001, were lined up. People found pictures of the actress wearing a beautiful wedding dress with lace embroidery on the bodice. Morfit was seen at his wedding in a classic tuxedo.

As for Jordana’s Fast & Furious family, her co-stars Ludacris and Vin Diesel were there and Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow. Brewster was first linked to Morfit in 2020 when the two were seen walking around Santa Monica hand in hand. Later, the actress and Mason got engaged. Last year, she shared a picture of herself with a diamond ring on her finger. Brewster wrote in the caption of a cute photo with a tech CEO, “JB soon to be JBM.”

Jordana Brewster And Mason Morfit Marry
Jordana Brewster And Mason Morfit Marry

When it comes to Walker, he got his own tribute at the wedding. Several cars from the Fast and Furious movies were part of her ceremony. One of them was a blue 1994 Acura Integra GS-R, which was like the car she drove on the show as Mia Toretto. It was also her getaway car and the driver’s window had a sticker of her and Paul Walker’s characters, Brian O’Conner and Mia Toretto. Fans remember that she and Paul Walker were in a similar sports car in the first movie.

The blue car belongs to TikTok star Richard Avalos, who looks like Vin Diesel. LRG-Graphics-Events-Models helped him wrap it.

Besides the Acura Integra, Dominic Toretto‘s Mazda RX-7 and an Acura NSX, which Brewster drives at the end of the fourth Fast & Furious.

Since the first movie in 2001, Jordana Brewster has been a part of the franchise, and she will also be in the tenth movie, Fast X.

In 2021, Jordana wrote an honest essay for Glamour in which she said that she and Mason Morfit met four years before they got together when they were both married to other people. Four days after she and her ex-husband, Andrew Form, decided to split up, they met again. Now that they are married, he shares her interest in the Fast and Furious cars.

Brewster was married to Andrew Form from 2007 to 2021. They have two children together, Rowan Brewster-Form and Julian Form-Brewster. After getting divorced last year, Form also moved on. In June of this year, he married his girlfriend, Alexandra Daddario.

Stay tuned for more updates, Venturejolt.

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