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How to Connect ps5 controller on ps4?

Play Station launched its next version as Play Station5. If you purchase it that a question arises can it be controlled with PS4, otherwise it will be controlled by PS5. Actually, with PS5, there will launch a Dual Sense controller and with PS4 there is a Dual Shock. So, let’s talk can we use Duel Shocks with PS5. And if yes, then how to connect it.

Is PS4 Controller Used in PS5?

Sony already give a clarification on the PlayStation post that PS4 consoles are not able to work on Dual Sense, because these are two different devices manufactured with different technologies. But there will be a chance to connect the PS4 console with the PS5 controller indirectly. As PS4 console is capable of playing from the front side on PS5 and from the back side on PS4.

ps5 controller on ps4
How to Connect PS5 Controller to PS4 Console?

How to Connect PS5 Controller to PS4 Console?

Directly Sony rejected this option to connect this two devise. But with the help of Remote Play, you can enjoy your game. Using this app, you can connect your Daulsense with Mac and pc. Here are some points to clarify how to connect.

  1. First of all install PS Remote Play App on your computer or Mac.
  2. Next, open this app and login in it with the help of the PSN button in your PS account.
  3. Then comes to the PS4 icon and presses it and it takes some time to connect with the PS4 console.
  4. As both software connect, switch on your DualSense controller in your computer or Mac with the help of a USB-C cable.
  5. Now enjoy your PS4 with the PS5 controller.

Although PS4 games could not compete with PS5 triggers, haptic feedback and PS5 are not prepared to use Daulshocks. But with the help of the Remote Play app, you can connect the PS4 controller with PS5. Now hope that we are able to better understand how it works. Stay tuned with us for more updates like this.

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