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Who Will Be the Next Bachelor? When Will It Be Announced?

It’s only natural to start speculating, “Who will the next Bachelor?” as the end of Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s season of The Bachelorette draws near. Fans and the current cast have suggestions on who should take over as Bachelor, but they’ll have to wait a while before we get to see him in action because the beachy drama of Bachelor in Paradise comes first.

“I don’t want to single anybody out and I don’t want to play favorites, but I do honestly think that we have multiple guys this season that would make great Bachelors,” host Jesse Palmer tells Bustle. “Normally, it’s one or maybe two in most seasons.” If your dream guy “can’t be Shawn Mendes,” he says, “then I think it’d definitely be somebody from Rachel and Gabby’s season.”

The other three stars of “The Bachelorette,” including the two leads, have more concrete plans. Continue reading to find out who they think could be the next Bachelor in Season 27!

Will Nate Be The Next Bachelor?

After allegations of cheating and hiding his daughter from a former partner surfaced online, Gabby defended Nate Mitchell on Men Tell All. Nate isn’t the only one she’s vouching for, she feels he has what it takes to be the next Bachelor.

In my opinion, women would swoon over him because of his charm, amazing looks and understanding of how to treat a lady. Gabby tells Bustle, “He’s just a genuine man, despite what comes out online.” “From my experience, he would be such a breath of fresh air for the role because he’s also so mature and he would do really well at navigating this.”

This is a view shared by many not just her. Rachel and her ex-boyfriend Tyler Norris mentioned Nate in interviews after the Men Tell All filming on August 11. This guy is a girl dad. In other words, he’s prepared. Tyler explains, “He wants this more than anything.” “He’s the most genuine, sweetest guy I’ve met. And I’ve never seen a Bachelor with a kid, you know? So I think that’s something many people could relate to.”

Could Tyler or Spencer Become the Next Bachelor?

Rachel thinks Tyler would be perfect as the next Bachelor, but he didn’t put his name in the hat. Despite her admission that “there are so many guys that would do incredible in the role,” she singled out Tyler as a possible selection from her squad. It would be good to see the Jersey guy in better times, especially considering Tyler’s unfortunate Hometown exit.

In the election Logan Palmer supported Spencer Swies. He describes Spencer as “a guy who graduated from West Point,” adding that Spencer is “super-intelligent, dabbles in philosophy, drop-dead handsome.” According to Logan, a terrific character who might perform well on The Bachelor is the man who dated Gabby. “I would put that guy in a lead role for sure.”

Leaks About the Next Bachelor

While Reality TV hasn’t leaked any information regarding who the next Bachelor will be, In a post on his blog on August 10th, Steve offered some fascinating conjecture.

Leaks About the Next Bachelor
Leaks About the Next Bachelor

The fact that Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss appeared to defend Nate in a tweet prompted speculation that the Chicago-based electrical engineer could be a contender for the role, according to Bachelor Nation’s resident expert. If Fleiss wasn’t being talked to about it, Steve said, he wouldn’t have tweeted it last night.

When Will They Announce the Next Bachelor?

The upcoming Bachelor reveal date has not been revealed by ABC, but we can extrapolate from previous seasons. On March 15, during the After the Final Rose special celebrating the conclusion of the Bachelor season, Gabby and Rachel were introduced as the season’s finalists.

Before Michelle Young’s Bachelorette season had even ended, on November 30, 2021 Clayton Echard was formally named as the next Bachelor, however leaked photographs from months prior had already made it evident he would be the man for the job.

Given the fervor surrounding this season, however it seems reasonable to anticipate that ABC will hold off on making this announcement until After the Final Rose, if not later. Even though it’s terrible to think about, the program sometimes loves to keep viewers guessing, like when they revealed Peter Weber as the next Bachelor during Bachelor in Paradise in 2019 — about two months after Hannah Brown’s season concluded.

That could be the case here since BiP Season 8 won’t start until Sept. 27, a week after Gabby & Rachel’s season ends on Sept. 20.

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