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Country Singer, Luke Bell, Found Dead At Age 32 In Tucson After Going Missing

Country Singer, Luke Bell, Found Dead At Age 32, Officials Says. Police in Tucson said on Wednesday that Bell’s body was found on August 26 near the Tucson Medical Center in the 5500 block of E. Grant Road. Police said that an investigation was going on to find out what happened.

Bell was born in Kentucky but grew up in Wyoming. His last known address was in Tennessee. He only made music for a short time, which was very successful. His hit song “Where Ya Been?” is what everyone knows him for. In 2021, he put out a single called “Jealous Guy.”

CNN says that Bell has been missing for more than a week. The Washington Post quoted Tucson Police Sgt. Richard Gradillas noted that Bell was found alone and that “detectives are still trying to find out if a missing report was filled out.”

Fans and other artists posted condolences about Bell on social media. They said he was a talented artist who loved country music.

“A lot of us met in Nashville when we were young and crazy about country music. Those were such formative years. “He was very talented and unique,” wrote singer-songwriter and fellow Kentuckian Kelsey Waldon.

“I remember the first time I met Luke at Hole in the Wall more than ten years ago, right down to what he was wearing. “Both the man and his music made an impression,” Mike and the Moonpies, an Americana band from Texas, wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

The Academy of Country Music tweeted that it was “a sad day for our Country Music community.”

Country singer Luke Bell, 32, found dead
Country singer Luke Bell, 32, found dead

Bell was often called a “troubadour” because he moved around to different places, such as Austin, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Nashville. In a 2016 interview with the Boot, a website that covers the country music industry, Bell said that the lifestyle had its ups and downs.

“In some ways, it’s bad that I don’t have a wife and kids, but right now, it’s pretty good. He said, “I just go to different cities and hang out with different people.”

“If I’m being honest, I live day by day and keep track of smiles.”

Stay tuned for more updates, Venturejolt.

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