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Pregnant Woman With Her Three Children Handcuffed at Gunpoint by The Cop at Florida

The news got viral when a cop from Florida, pointed his gun at a pregnant woman, speech and manacle her when she stopped her car at a traffic signal with her three children. For claiming overspeeding earlier this month. This incident happened on Highway 301, which joined Starke and Lawtey. 

“If you make any movement, it’ll be the last mistake you’ll ever make,” Deputy Jacob Desue told Ebony Washington, that the person wearing black according to CCTV camera footage. Her name is Ebony Washington and she is four months pregnant, it happened when she is going to her home in Jacksonville on 12 August. Her three kids are also with her; their ages are 10,7, and 1 year. Desue blamed that, she is driving her car at 75mph at the 55mph speed limit. When the police came she controlled her car but did not stop for three or four minutes.

But Washington wants a conversation with him before coming out of her car. This conversation was recorded on a bodycam and then publicized. “Pull the vehicle [over] or I’ll put you into the ground,” Desue said. Then he pointed his gun and ordered it to come out of the car. “Turn off the vehicle right now,” he also says said don’t try to move. Otherwise I will shoot you. “I want to see your hands—both your hands. Do not move!”

“I ain’t worried, I got my gun on you, we’re all good here,” Desue said when she stepped out of the car. The lady gave her reason for not stopping her car is, it was going too dark and her children were also in the car. After listing her excuse Desue said, “Your excuse means nothing to me right now, I don’t want to hear it.”

According to a video recording of one of her children, her little children were scared and crying calling mommy when the cop arrest his mother. 

“I don’t care about the why; shut up,” he shouted. “All of that is shady, and that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing right now,” he says. “I understand there’s a whole facade around law enforcement, traffic stops. But being scared is what’s got you in this mess right now.”

Desue said that he gave her a warning and let her go but according to Washington, she begged for her life. “Had I done any type of movement outside of what he asked me to do, that could’ve been the opportunity for him to pull the trigger,” Washington said. The Sheriff’s office does not take any action immediately but on TV BCS news commented that Desue is very strict at discipline, according to his previous records. “We immediately knew that we had a serious issue that needed to be addressed,” Sheriff’s Office Colonel Brad Smith said.

“We’re not condoning his behavior at all. I mean, watching it, hearing it… [It’s] completely unprofessional, completely out of line for how we want to present ourselves here at the Bradford County Sheriff’s Office.”

Although traffic stops come true deadly, especially for Black people, according to a report from2017 to 2022, 600 people are murdered using this trick. And in 600, 28% are Black, so it may be possible that Washington did not stop her vehicle to avoid this kind of incident.

Pregnant Woman Handcuffed at Gunpoint by The Cop in Florida

Brad Smith, Bradford County Sheriff’s Office Colonel and Chief Deputy stated that it was not a case and  “Not a racial situation at all, the deputy in question is a man of color,” he said. “There was just some level of not responding to his training and continued conversations about how he was handling situations, and he wasn’t adjusting to that.”

Smith and Desue were together for 2020 and he said, “The last time we had an issue with him, we entered what’s called a ‘last chance agreement and he basically tenders his resignation. And if there are any more issues within a year, the sheriff can choose to accept that resignation and that’s what happened here,” Smith said. “His verbal abuse was intolerable and we weren’t going to allow that at the Bradford County Sheriff’s Office.”

According to Action News Jax, it was said that: “Ms. Washington has spoken to the Mayor, who indicated prior issues with Desue. We have since learned he has resigned. Justice is spelled one way but defined in many different ways. This is one step towards justice. While Ms. Washington regrets speeding, we are all mindful that it led to a public official acknowledging a problem and an aggressive officer resigning.”

Jacob Desue a Police Officer in Bradford County, Florida pulled over a Black pregnant woman w/ her 3 kids in the car for speeding. He made her get out & pulled a gun on her. The kids recorded this, and it’s matched w/ body cam footage. Desue has resigned.

— Don Lewis (@DonLew87) August 25, 2022

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