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Cryptocurrency Prices Plummet As Bitcoin Falls To $22k And Ether Holds On To Its $1.50 Resistance.

In the early days of August, major cryptocurrencies are falling once more. While Ethereum has maintained its US$1.5k resistance, Bitcoin has fallen. One of the key drivers for investors to keep holding the ETH token is the anticipated September launch of the Ethereum Merge. Major cryptocurrency companies continue to experience financial problems, declare bankruptcy, or need to find new sources of funding. Although some digital assets have maintained their path to recovery, the cryptocurrency industry remains in a precarious state. For August 2, 2022, a list of the leading cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin: 22.887.74 USD (down by 0.01 percent )

Ethereum: $1,580.84 US (down by 0.16 percent )

Tether: One dollar (up by 0.00 percent )

Coin in USD: $1 (up by 0.01 percent )

BNB: US$27690 (up by 0.04 percent )

Binance USD: 1 US dollar (up by 0.06 percent )

XRP: US$03726 (up by 0.40 percent )

Cardano price: $0.4937 (down by 0.02 percent )

$40.35 USD Solana (up by 0.06 percent )

USD 0.06618 Dogecoin (down by 0.08 percent )

The worldwide crypto market valuation is currently at US$1.05T, according to coinmarketcap, a decline of more than 4.01 percent from the previous day.

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