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KEN GUTTERS: 1976 Tulane Student Stabbed Dead!

In one episode of Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever, Jamison Bachman is shown as using his legal degree to defraud his housemates and landlords. However, he is said to have been inspired by an incident he observed as a Tulane University student.

In 1976, Randell Vidrine stabbed Ken Gutzeit, a fellow Tulane University student, to death with a jackknife in front of his companions. Learn every detail regarding how and why the murder occurred. Some internet questions concern the beheading of Tulane students.

The new Netflix true-crime series Worst Roommate Ever investigates several unsettling tales of living conditions gone awry. It is a Blumhouse Television-produced true-crime documentary series based on an Intelligencer article of the same name.

The series recounts four true tales of terrifying housemates, ranging from scam artists to murderers. This section discusses the heinous crime at Tulane University.

The two-part conclusion of Worst Roommate Ever, Roommate Wanted, returns to the theme of the original piece. The musician Jamison Bachman. Bachman was a serial squatter who tortured many housemates over several decades.

Using his legal training and nice demeanor, he submerged himself in the lives of others, gradually gaining their trust before revealing his evil side.

However, it is thought that Jamison was greatly inspired by an event at Tulane University where he was killed in front of more than two dozen classmates while having dinner with a buddy.

Tulane Student Stabbed To Death 1976
Tulane Student Stabbed To Death 1976

Worst Roommate Ever: Everything You Need To Know About The Tulane Student Who Was Stabbed to Death

The final two episodes of the Netflix crime series Worst Roommate Ever describe Jamison Bachman’s harrowing experience of witnessing the murder of his close friend, Ken Gutzeit, during his time at Tulane University.

In 1976, a murder occurred at the New Orleans Sigma Chi fraternity home. Ken Gutzeit, a buddy from high school, was having dinner with Bachman at the fraternity house. Randell Vidrine, 25, stumbled into the residence and repeatedly stabbed Gutzeit.

A library assistant at Tulane University, Vidrine had previously spoken with Ken Gutzeit about eating in the library. Vidrine asked Gutzeit to leave, but he refused, so Vidrine contacted university security to have him removed.

On January 29, 1976, while going past the Sigma Chi fraternity house, Randell Vidrine encountered Ken Gutzeit. Ken is alleged to have encouraged Vidrine to engage in a fight, but Ken continued going.

Vidrine returned to his apartment with a switchblade and proceeded to the fraternity house, where he assaulted Ken and ultimately severed his neck.

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Randell Vidrine severed the victim’s neck and fled the scene while fraternity members unsuccessfully attempted to close the wound. Despite their best efforts, the Tulane student succumbed to his injuries and passed away at the site.

The side of Ken Gutzeit’s neck was stabbed, and the knife severed his carotid artery, resulting in his death.

Worst Roommate Ever Docuseries Plot

Netflix is hard to top when it comes to producing amazing or at least good real crime documentaries on occasion. Worst Roommate Ever is Netflix’s latest true-crime docuseries. It is produced by the television division of Blumhouse Productions, which is recognized for producing the finest horror-thriller films.

A trustworthy roommate might be the ideal companion for a Sunday night ice cream binge. In contrast, a horrible roommate may make your greatest fear a reality by suffocating you to death as you dream of cupcakes and fairies. Worst Roommate Ever depicts four instances in which an innocent, pleasant, and helpful roommate turned out to be the antithesis of an excellent roommate.

Worst Roommate Ever Docuseries Review

This documentary series presents victim testimonies of individuals who, to put it mildly, did not find their roommates to be an excellent match for their ideal roommate. Typically terrifying and violent transformations of housemates who first appeared to be innocuous.

A murdering grandmother, an obsessed lover, a marathon-running con artist, and a serial squatter are featured in five episodes of brutal true-crime storytelling. Dorothea Puente, K.C. Joy, Youssef Khater, and Jamison Bachman represent the Worst Roommate Ever in this documentary series.

In addition to offering caution about searching for potential serial murderers on Craigslist, the docuseries presents four tales from different times in time, each distinctively different but connected by the overall “roommate” motif.

This documentary series focuses on the victims and their hardships while also being horrifyingly depressing, occasionally shocking, and continually seeking to frighten viewers. Almost every testimony follows the same pattern, characterized by hindsight suspicion and persistent remorse.

This documentary series’ success resides in its ability to develop a relationship with the audience. The idea of sharing a hallway with a deadly psychopath will send chills down the spine of even the most determined individual. This point is repeatedly reiterated throughout the series. To ensure you don’t miss it.

With a suspenseful and subtly frightening background tune that lingers in the background throughout to create an atmosphere of imminent doom, the well-used animated re-enactments are complemented perfectly.

The animated sections provide a new tone, but not without taking creative risks that may blur the boundary between fact and fantasy. All of it is designed to elicit a sense of terror and horror, and while the endeavor is continual, its success is limited.

None of the genuine instances are objective as horrible or implausible as some of Netflix’s finest true-crime documentaries. Yes, it would be awful to share a room with someone who will strangle you and cover you in a tarp to be found dead.

Aside from this evident flaw, neither the acts’ nature nor their execution resembles the work of a true criminal mastermind. Therefore they do not elicit a genuine feeling of fear. There is no spectacular investigative work or crime-solving to keep you on the edge of your seat. The editing is exactly done to compensate for the suspense aspect, but it keeps the intriguing parts waiting too long.

The majority of the creative decisions made aim to make the dull portions of the story more engaging. A failed attempt is always more noticeable than a good achievement. Too often, the Worst Roommate Ever slips into this trap.

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