Cobra Kai: Miguel, Have You Gained Weight Recently? Xolo Mariduea’s Weight Gain Has Fans Worried!

Fans question whether Miguel from Cobra Kai Season 4 gained weight. The weight growth of Xolo Mariduea is a topic of interest among Netflix users. Has the cast of Cobra Kai gained weight? Let’s discover.

Xolo Mariduea is broken, plain, and simple. Or, more precisely, Miguel Diaz’s Cobra Kai character. The third season opens with the actor and Los Angeles resident in trouble.

After falling down a staircase at the hands of rival Robby after the previous season, Miguel was rushed to the hospital and nursed back to health by his tardy mentor, Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). That concludes the high kicks.

On the other hand, Mariduea will not sleep for long. Considering that this is a Karate Kid spin-off, fighting is inevitable. And the program shows no signs of ending since it has swiftly attracted a legion of Netflix fans.

After becoming overweight in Season 4 of Cobra Kai, Xolo Mariduea’s character Miguel has recently garnered popularity among viewers. Is there any validity to this? Stay with us to learn more.

Some fans believe that Miguel gained weight in Cobra Kai Season 4

Following his noticeable weight gain, a member on the Cobra Kai subreddit discussed the actor Xolo Mariduea’s radically altered body on the Cobra Kai forum.

One Redditor eventually provided some light on the matter by revealing that he is not obese but rather muscular since he had to prepare for the Blue Beetle film in which he plays the lead role.

Miguel Cobra Kai Actor Weight Gain
Miguel Cobra Kai Actor Weight Gain

Has Xolo Mariduea Gained Actual Weight?

Since the second season of Cobra Kai, Miguel Diaz star Xolo Mariduea has been attempting to gain weight since he was underweight. However, he ultimately gained more fat than muscle.

In contrast, one user rejected the concept that the actor is not overweight, as claimed by other admirers. Another person stated that he had gained weight. They heard that he did not have a personal trainer throughout the COVID-19 epidemic.

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A young child receiving all of his nourishment from the District of Columbia and lacking a tutor to keep him on track with his workouts will affect you.

It seems to affect the series significantly. As a result, they gave him less screen time, and he participated in fewer battles. Fans believe he should get back into shape.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Theory: Both Robby & Miguel Quit Karate

Miguel and Robby are two of Cobra Kai’s strongest fighters, but they may abandon karate in season 5. Robby and Miguel, who have been rivals since the beginning of the series, have taken completely different courses during the first four seasons of Cobra Kai. Yet, there are numerous parallels between their travels.

The destinies of Johnny’s kid and top pupil are uncertain due to changes in dojos and the presence of many senseis.

Karate has characterized the lives of Miguel and Robby thus far. Miguel would never have been able to stand up to Kyler and become the confident individual he is without Cobra Kai. Robby would not even have a place to live today if it weren’t for Miyagi Do and the Cobra Kai dojo. However, Robby and Miguel’s reliance on karate may end shortly.

The plot of Cobra Kai season 5 is yet unknown; however, the conclusion of Cobra Kai season 4 hints at Miguel and Robby’s future adventures.

A fascinating similarity exists between the two characters: one is on his way to Mexico searching for his father, while the other is, at last, prepared to make peace with him.

In any event, training, tournaments, and disputes resulting from differing karate ideologies no longer seem significant compared to the rest of life. Miguel and Robby might quit karate in Cobra Kai season 5.

How Robby And Miguel’s Stories Mirror Each Other

Robby and Miguel, who have been rivals since the inception of Cobra Kai, have storylines that mirror each other. Both discovered karate not only a method to protect themselves from the hazards of life but also a way to compensate for the absence of their fathers.

Miguel never met his father and landed in Reseda without friends or father figures. Similarly, Robby’s relationship with his father never worked out, and Johnny had already given up on being a part of his son’s life.

Miguel surprisingly discovered a father figure in Johnny Lawrence due to his karate adventure. Miguel’s training in the Cobra Kai dojo did more than teach him skills to use against Kyler; it brought him closer to Johnny and created one of the strongest connections in the organization.

Robby’s anger toward Johnny increased due to his envy of Miguel, resulting in one of Cobra Kai’s most intense rivalries. In addition to Johnny, Robby and Miguel’s stories connected to Sam.

Miguel and Robby were the stars of Cobra Kai at quite different stages in the dojo, which is a fascinating comparison. The former was the first member of Johnny Lawrence’s new Cobra Kai, while the latter became a disciple of Kresse and, subsequently, Terry Silver.

Miguel and Robby also trained under Daniel LaRusso for some time. Still, none of them ever had the opportunity to fully master Miyagi-Do due to Daniel and Johnny’s ongoing disagreement.

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