In From The Cold’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & What to Expect

In From The Cold, a new action-thriller series was one of the first television releases of 2022. Will a second season be forthcoming, concluding on a cliffhanger? How well-received has the series been on Netflix? What we do know is as follows.

Adam Glass created the series, most known for his work on Supernatural and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. The eight-episode first season combines a typical action thriller with superhuman abilities.

Season 1 of In From The Cold premiered internationally on Netflix on January 28th, 2022. We first saw it in November 2021 as part of Netflix’s 2022 “Genre series” preview.

Is in From the Cold Renewed for a Second Season?

In over a month, we haven’t heard anything about new episodes of In From The Cold.

According to a Netflix interview with Adam Glass, the show’s creator, three seasons have been planned. Given that the episode finished on a cliffhanger (more on that in a moment), he stated:

“The end-of-season reveal leaves a lot of issues unanswered, and I believe you have to go through all of that.”

In From The Cold Season 2
In From The Cold Season 2

How Well-received Was in From the Cold on Netflix?

We know this because Netflix’s Top 10 statistics indicate that it was watched for 85.83 million hours during its first 16 days on the service.

Because it was introduced on Netflix on January 28th, it was only eligible for two of the first week’s days stated below. Between February 14th and February 20th, the show failed to crack the top 10, with fewer than 11.04M hours of viewing (the lowest viewership that week).

Where did the majority of that viewing originate? FlixPatrol’s raw top ten statistics can assist in answering that question!

In the United States, the show spent 12 days in the Netflix Overall Top 10 and 14 days in the TV Top 10. The program remained mostly in the top tens in most areas for around a week to two weeks before sliding out.

Nielsen data confirms this, with In From The Cold ranking seventh in the “Original” category with 349 million minutes (5.18 million) recorded between January 24th and January 30th (In From The Cold qualified for two days).

This indicates that the US accounted for 20% of total viewership during the first two days. Additional information will be added when it becomes available.

All of this results in a 50/50 split on the show’s future. According to the top ten hourly data, the program started well but rapidly faded. We’ve seen several Netflix renewals require strong performance for up to 28 days to be renewed.

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With that stated, given the incomplete nature of the plot, it would be in Netflix’s best interest to complete it in some way.

What to Anticipate From Season 2 of From the Cold?

In terms of plot, there are still a lot of unanswered concerns, particularly considering how the episode closes on a cliffhanger.

In the last episode of In From The Cold, Jenny and Chauncey race to discover the person responsible for the mayhem of the previous seven episodes, which saw them retrieve a missing kid and track down the true target.

As we now know, the target is Jenny’s mother and former employer, Svetlana Petrova, who is responsible for all the murders and even planned her daughter’s kidnapping.

Glass has hinted what season 2 would bring, stating: “Season 2 will take place in New York City and chronicle the origins of “the Whisper,” a moniker given to Anya — and from whom Jenny presumably attempted to flee.”

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