Kanye West releases 12 new songs for his “Donda 2” album.

Kanye West is always bringing fresh ideas to the forefront. Kanye is the genius of unpredictability and rumor, judging by his demeanor. From disparaging his ex-wife Kim Kardashian to releasing new music overnight. Kayne Ye West continued to upload fresh tracks to “Donda 2”.

He supplemented the “Donda 2” with almost 12 tunes. This update is now available to fans via the official Stem Player platform. The playlist has been updated to include 16 songs for the Stem Player streamer to enjoy.

The Stem Player audio gadget is providing unique access to Kanye West’s album – the American rapper’s eleventh studio album – as well as a direct link to the 2021’s “Donda.” The first four tracks were also published on 23rd February via artists Kayne’s Stem Player.

On Thursday, 24th February, he revealed additional twelve tracks from this album. West’s Yeezy Tech company created this one-of-a-kind widget for $200.

Kanye West
Kanye West

What Further Information Did Kanye West Provide on the Donda 2?

The debut album of “Donda” had four songs: “Security,” “Pablo,” “Broken Road,” and “We Did It, Kid.” These tracks will be available exclusively to individuals who purchase Stem Player from Wednesday.

Additionally, live performances and listening parties were included before the artist arrived in Miami.

Among the unexpected new tracks released on Thursday. Several of these are previously-released tunes. These include Alicia Keys’ “The City of God” and Fivio Foreign’s “The First Time In A Long Time.”

“Happy” and “Keep It Burning” – Future collaborations. “True Love” serves as the opening track, while “Selfish” has a cameo appearance by XXXTentacion. Additionally, there are rumors that The Future will serve as executive producer for this album.

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At West’s Miami gig, audiences were treated to 45 minutes of their music. There have been recent collaborations between Kanye and other artists. Among the collaborations are “Eazy” with The Game and “Diet Coke” with Pusha T. Kanye collaborated on the production of “Diet Coke.”

Kanye had a productive and busy week. As revealed by the rapper, he earned almost $2.2 million in 24 hours from the sale of the Stem Player.

After it was stated that the only means to broadcast ‘Donda 2’ would be via Stem Player. Apple also earned almost $2 million from Kanye West’s sponsorship arrangement.


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