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JGOD asserts If remaining concerns aren’t addressed, Warzone Season 2 will be “another failure.”

Warzone Pacific has been beset by problems, issues, and hackers, which has JGOD seething that, if not addressed promptly, would spoil Season 2.

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific has been fascinating, to put it mildly. Numerous incidents have occurred, ranging from cheaters ranting about their broken hacks to automobiles flying around Caldera.

Additionally, console gamers have been unable to play the game due to textures failing to load or the game becoming trapped in a crashing loophole.

This is why the developers said Season 2 would be postponed, giving the studio additional time to investigate the game’s issues. However, Warzone expert JGOD is enraged because nothing has changed, and he believes the upcoming season will be a flop.

JGOD asserts

JGOD is concerned that Warzone Season 2 will be a failure.

In a February 7 YouTube video, JGOD rolled back the clock and examined old Call of Duty tweets. He drew attention to a variety of unresolved concerns in the game.

On January 11, a message from CoD pledged to address several issues plaguing console players. That issue is still unresolved. Later in the video, he demonstrated an ADS problem from 2019 that is still active in today’s game.

As he continued his rant, he explained how the developers worked on these issues but have yet to address them. He feels this could be the BR’s undoing. “If this [all the concerns] are not resolved, this season is going to be a flop.”

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JGOD believes Raven Software has a chance to preserve the season, but it will be a difficult effort. “They need to ensure that this upgrade resolves 99 percent of the issues we currently have.”

Season 2 is scheduled to begin on February 14, so be sure to bookmark our Call of Duty website for the most up-to-date information.a

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