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Everything We Know So Far About Starfield’s Release Date Status 

This article contains all the information related to the release of the game Starfield. It also has details like its trailers, gameplay, rumors, release date, playing platform, and more.

Introduction About the Game

Starfield, the significantly-awaited new IP from Bethesda Game Studios, is releasing on Xbox PC in 2022 and it seems prepared to give us a memorable sci-fi experience. The details of Starfield are not quite much currently but due to some short teaser trailers and some concept visuals, we do have the minimum expectation for how the game is going to be.

Bethesda’s first new IP in 25 years, the solo player RPG will take gamers into the future and outer space letting them participate in an epic about “hope and humanity” according to the studio head Todd Howard that he has described as being “like Skyrim in space”.

With its release date in November 2022, it is still some time before we lay hands on Starfield. Irrespective of the wait, that has not stopped us from hyping up Starfield. There’s nothing more sparking than stimulating your wait for the latest game by future-waiting.

So in that sense, we have scanned that galaxy to bring you the most recent news and reports on Starfield. Here’s everything you got to know.

Starfield Release Date

Everything We Know So Far About Starfield's Release Date 
Everything We Know So Far About Starfield’s Release Date 

At E3 2021, Bethesda announced that Starfield will release on November 11, 2021. So there is quite some time to wait still. In an interview with The Washington Post, Todd Howard declared that the studio is certain about the date.

]What looks even more interesting is that it is now going to be an Xbox/PC only, with the trailer and Xbox spokespersons making no reference to the PS5 launch. With the ownership of developer Bethesda now with Microsoft, this could be suggestive of the future of games like The Elder Scrolls 6 and Fallout 5 going ahead.

Starfield Trailers

The Endless Pursuit – In this behind-the-scenes clip game director Todd Howard, studio director Angela Browder and art director Matt Carofano talk about Bethesda’s view of the future with Starfield.

Howard explains about the “step-out moments” in the Fallout games, where a character comes out into a world that has been irreversibly altered by nuclear changes in a mysterious and difficult way, explaining that Starfield will have “two step-out moments”.

Carofano, in the meantime, says that Starfield will have practical science-based support and brands it a more grounded game with a better setting than the types of Skyrim.

The Backstory – In October 2021, Bethesda published a video giving a brief overview of Starfield’s overall configuration known as “The Settled Systems”. As explained by Bethesda Game Studios Design Director Emil Pagliarulo, the video describes that Starfield will relocate players to the Settled Systems in the year 2330.

The Settled Systems are placed in a comparatively small space of the Milky Way, in a region which stretches externally from our Solar System for about 50 light-years.

It also has certain information on the game’s two biggest groups, the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective, who were involved in a ruthless colony battle before the game started but have struck an unstable peace.

Location teasers – In August 2021, Bethesda released three short videos which gave a brief overview of cities featuring in the game Starfield.

The three locations are quite different, consisting of the major capital of the United Colonies, New Atlantis, the freedom-based capital of the Freestar Collective, Akila, and the vice-filled pleasure city, Neon. Each video gives an explanation of the locations and a view of some of the concept art, providing a fair sense of the total surrounding you can expect.

Teaser trailer – The first actual Starfield trailer came out at E3 2021, boasting Bethesda’s more practical approach to sci-fi than the likes of Outer Worlds or No Man’s Sky. We are displayed as a very NASA-like spaceman exploring the stony ground of a Moon-like planet, complete with a blue-sky surrounding, ready to take-off.

We are displayed with drones, a cool mech-like buddy humanoid, and the word of revealing the key to opening everything. 

Announcement teaser- that apart we formerly got our first glance of the game during E3 2018 where we received slightly more than just a name, background, and signs of an unnamed world, a moving satellite or space station, and some type of gleaming wormhole.

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Starfield Gameplay, News and Rumors

The Twitter account of Starfield has been putting up a stable drip of teases for the game. In December 2021, the account posted two modern pieces of concept visuals which indicate the distinction of settings players will get to experience in the game.

The first form of art shows a dense jungle background, with the tweet promising that during the travels we would explore many mysterious environments, some lush and full of life.

The second tweet indicates a scene quite less than full of life but portrays a deep, dark cave where apparently there will be stuff for players to find out. Bethesda Game Studios head Todd Howard revealed in the latest Reddit AMA that in spite of the game moving to an all engine from the studio’s last titles, it will provide the same deep mod support as previous games from the developer.

Starfield players will be given the option to customize and modify their characters to an in-depth extent in Starfield. In a Reddit AMA, Todd Howard said that he was greatly excited about what the crew had done with the creation of the character and explained that it includes selecting background, talents, etc.

One can also choose the pronoun and they have recorded all the relevant dialogue to support that choice. In an interview with the Washington Post, Todd Howard has explained Starfield as being “like Skyrim in space” with the condition that technological enhancements since the release of Skyrim will let Starfield be a much more bold experience.

The Managing Director of Bethesda, Ashley Cheng, explained that the game is the Han Solo simulator. As a way to get on a ship, discover the galaxy, and do amazing things. According to Howard, the game is set in 300 years in the future when the man is residing among the stars.

Starfield is ready to be a huge hit for Xbox Series X/S but Xbox One players won’t be fully behind. In a post to the Xbox Wire blog, Microsoft reiterates that it will be employing its cloud streaming feature to serve up games that need the Xbox Series X/S’s power to deliver them to the last-gen Xbox One.

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Whether you like looking down the gun’s barrel or at your player character’s amazing latest space threads, Starfield will provide both first and third-person points of view for the players, according to Todd Howard.

Rather than the theatrics like Star Wars or Star Trek, Bethesda is looking for a more practical approach with Starfield. While there will still be lasers and robots and such cool stuff, the art of the game is based on imagining where the space ventures of today will be after 300 years.

In fact, the Bethesda crew had discussed with Elon Musk’s Space X team to ascertain it was getting the details appropriate. There were reports that Starfield could totally skip the PS5 according to the Xbox Two Podcast, which now seems certain.

These rumors turned out to be correct as Starfield was reported to be an Xbox device exclusive during the Xbox & Bethesda E3 2021 presentation. PC players should not worry, though, as Starfield is coming on their platform as well. In an interview with IGN, Todd Howard gave out that fans will be having some time for The Elder Scrolls 6 since Bethesda is fully focused on Starfield.

With the future of the space-opera RPG series Mass Effect looking unsure, and the unfulfilled word of the planet-changing discovery game No Man’s Sky, Starfield will be entering the gaming world desperate for a sci-fi RPG done right.

With the assured success of Bethesda’s other franchises, let’s hope that the developer has the upcoming Mass Effect to the mark.

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