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Jack Loso Obituary: What is The Reason Behind His Death?

Jack Loso

Jack Loso

We are deeply saddened to share with you that Jack Loso of Robbinsdale, MN, died tragically on December 2nd while exploring Minneopa State Park with his sister, Bailey and cousin, Mary. Jack’s death deeply affected his friends and family members. In this post, you will get all the information related to him and his death.

How Did Jack Loso Die?

Loso was a student at the Minnesota State University. Jack Loso died in a landslide at the bottom of a southern Minneopa state park’s waterfall. On December 2, 2023, the accident occurred shortly before 5 p.m., while Robbinsdale resident Jack R. Loso was visiting the park with several family members.

The accident happened at the base of Minneopa Falls, which is located at the bottom of a wooded gorge. Just before 5 p.m. on Saturday, December 2, 2023, someone called 911. When rescue personnel found the teen, he had passed away. After the incident, Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook:

“An update to the death investigation at Minneopa State Park – Falls Area. The victim has been identified as Jack Robert Loso, 19, from Robbinsdale, MN. Loso was visiting the Minneopa State Park with family members at the time of the accident.”

“The incident remains under investigation at this time. No more information is able to be released at this time. The Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Office offers its condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Loso during this difficult time.”

You can read their full statement in a post provided below:

Until further notice, the trail leading to the falls’ base is closed. At the top of the stairs that lead down to Minneopa Creek and along the route that leads to the base of the falls, the park installed a fence.

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How Did Jack Loso’s Loved Ones React to His Death?

Jack Loso’s death deeply affected his friends and family members. They shared tributes towards him on social media. Jack Loso’s teacher Karen Kozak posted on Facebook:

“My heart is just shattered. Jack was a former student of mine. I taught him in music class at Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion from 1st grade-3rd grade, had him in orchestra in 4th grade and also had him in All District Orchestra. He played viola. I’m hugging my boys tighter tonight. What a heart wrenching tragedy.”

You can read her full statement in a post provided below:

Tom Maher said, “Requesting prayers for Jack Loso and the entire Loso family. R.I.P. Jack.”

Our condolences are with Jack Loso’s friends and family members. You can also share your concern for his family in the comments section below.

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