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What Channel is Sister Wives Season 18 on & When it Will be Available to Watch?

Sister Wives Season 18

Sister Wives Season 18

American reality television program “Sister Wives” the polygamist family shown in the show comprises Kody Brown, his wife Robyn, ex-wives Meri, Janelle and Christine, as well as their 18 children. The family moved from Lehi, Utah, where the series started, to Las Vegas in 2011 and then to Flagstaff, Arizona in the middle of 2018.

On January 8, 2023, the final episode of Sister Wives season 17 was shown. There is a lot of discussion surrounding the upcoming 18th season of Sister Wives.

The show has exceeded viewers’ expectations and provided accurate insights into plural marriage culture. The family broke apart despite Kody Brown and his wives’ efforts to mainstream polygamy.

Where Can You Watch Wives Season 17?

Season 18 of Sister Wives was renewed in April 2023 and a date for its debut has now been confirmed. The first episode of Sister Wives season 18 will run on TLC on August 20 at 10 p.m. EDT, the network confirmed by sharing a tweet.

Late in July 2023, a trailer for Sister Wives season 18 with an August 20 release date debuted on YouTube. In the sneak peek, Robyn is told, “She can have him,” about Kody, as Janelle, Christine and Meri struggle with their relationship breakdown.

Robyn was also shown struggling with the effects of her extended family and expressing her sorrow at their breakup. Kody and Janelle got into a heated argument at the close of the trailer,setting the stage for the drama that would follow.

You can watch the trailer for Season 18 in a tweet provided below:

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Who Will Appear in Sister Wives Season 18?

Christine published a picture of herself being videotaped on Instagram in her Murray, Utah, home in November 2022 which confirmed that she will appear in season 18.

The fact that the show would return for another season was evident in this snap. Christine also revealed that she had vowed to continue appearing on Sister Wives until the very end and would not quit. Christine is the ideal candidate to return and share their experience.

What Will Happen in Sister Wives Season 18?

There is unquestionably enough drama to last until season 18 of Sister Wives. The seventeenth season of Sister Wives focused on separating Kody and Christine Brown. In 2021, viewers found that the mother of six had decided to return to Utah from Flagstaff.

Sister Wives Season 18

This took place when it became apparent that the couple’s problems couldn’t be resolved. The fact that Christine is now engaged to someone else will undoubtedly be discussed in the upcoming season. Kody’s life was in a tailspin by season 17 because he frequently lacked emotional control. Let’s see what happened in season 18.

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