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What is Spice and Wolf Season 3 Release Date and Where Can We Watch It?

Spice and Wolf Season 3

Spice and Wolf Season 3

There’s been a lot of excitement among followers of fantasy romance anime since the announcement of Spice and Wolf Season 3. Takeo Takahashi helms the action-packed TV series, which was created and designed by Naruhisa Arakawa and animated by Imagin Studios.

The show is based on the same-name Japanese comic series by Isuna Hasekura and Keito Koume, which follows a merchant named Kraft as he moves from town to town selling his wares. He’s been on the road for seven years with the goal of saving up to build his own store.

Is Spice and Wolf Season 3 in the Works?

Isuna, the original author of the Spice and Wolf light book series, has revealed that a new anime based on his work is in the works for a third season. A short film depicting Lawrence and Holo together was released alongside the news in February of 2022.

When will the Spice and Wolf Season 3 be Available?

Spice and Wolf Season 3 Release Date

There has been confirmation of a new Spice and Wolf anime series, but no premiere date has been set. Due to the lengthy production schedule, season 3 of Spice and Wolf is expected to premiere on Hulu in July 2024. Like the previous seasons, this one will consist of 13 individual episodes.

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The first season premiered in 2008, while season two premiered in 2009. After a decade since the last two seasons, viewers are overjoyed to finally get more of their favorite anime.

Despite overwhelming demand and plenty of manga material, the show’s creators have stated they have no intention of producing additional seasons. In February of 2022, the good news that fans have been waiting for regarding the renewal of the Spice and Wolf anime series was finally released.

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Where to Watch The Spice and Wolf?

In the United States, you can watch the entire anime series on Hulu (all seasons) and Funimation (season 1) for free. The episodes are dubbed in English because it is the preferred language of the show’s audience.

Netflix India subscribers can watch the show, but everyone else will need a Funimation subscription, which will only get them access to the first season. Unfortunately, the Spice and Wolf anime series is completely unavailable in some regions.

There is no trailer available for Spice and Wolf Season 3 yet. But you can watch the trailer for Season 1 below:

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