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‘Barbie’ Film Banned in Algeria In a Month

Algeria bans ‘Barbie’

Algeria bans ‘Barbie’

Almost a month after it opened in Algeria, the “Barbie” film was yanked from theatres this week.  The movie was reportedly pulled “immediately” from theatres in Algiers, Oran, and Constantine after the Algerian Ministry of Culture and Arts issued a warning.

Neither the Ministry of the Interior nor the Algerian Audiovisual Regulatory Authority issued a statement or explanation on the rumored directive. The film “Barbie” recently debuted in Algeria. The film’s distributors have decided to stop showing the Hollywood smash hit as of this week.

Authorities in Kuwait and Lebanon have taken the step after deciding that the live-action film based on American fashion dolls poses an unacceptable threat to religious or moral sensibilities in those countries. Some Algerians took to Twitter to express their displeasure at the cancellation, using the hashtag “#IAmBarbie.” Several people have spoken out against it, calling it “censorship” and “bigotry.”

Take a look at the below tweet about Barbie ban in Algeria:

Retired educator Fatima Ait Kaci said she intended to fulfil her pledge to take her two Canadian grandkids to the theatre. When they arrived at the Riadh El Feth theatre in Algiers at 3:00, Ait Kaci stated she learned what had happened to “Barbie” only because another picture was playing in the 3:00-5:00 slot.

The Audiovisual Regulatory Authority announced last week that it had decided to “temporarily” suspend all programming by private TV channel Es Salam for allegedly airing “in an irresponsible and unprofessional manner, a program containing scenes contrary to the precepts of Islam and the way of life of Algerian society.”

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The film “Barbie” does not feature overtly s*xual content or references to LGBTQ+ rights. In a place where homos*xuality is considered mainly taboo, however, it appears to have drawn fire due to its sheer flamboyance and broad message of inclusivity and gender equality.  Warner Bros.’s picture has made over a billion dollars since its release. To know more details you can join us on our Twitter account.

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