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Who is Alan From Barbie? A Journey Through Iconic Male Figure

Who is Alan From Barbie

Who is Alan From Barbie

Although many of the upcoming characters are variations on Barbie and Ken, there is still a lot of interest in their backstories as the premiere of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie approaches.

Allan is the only doll of his kind, and he’s causing quite a stir. Yes, he is a mysterious figure whose partner-turned-wife Midge is widely believed to be the reason why so few people know much about him.

The fact that Midge and Allan first made headlines for a *gasp* absolutely scandalous cause is probably going to play a significant role in the narrative. What made Alan and his wife famous, and what does Michael Cera have to say about bringing the not-so-famous doll to life? Okay, you know the deal, so let’s check it out.

How Alan Made Ken’s Clothes Look Cool?

Alan From Barbie

Mattel co-founder Ruth Handler’s son-in-law inspired the name, Allan. In 1964, the first Allan doll was introduced to the public. His selling point was that he was Ken’s pal who could wear Ken’s clothes. In 1991, he had his name legally changed to Alan.

In 1965, we got the next “installment” of the character, which differed primarily in that he could now bend and “lifelike” his legs. In 1991, a new take on the character was released, and by then, Alan had become Alan and was planning to tie the knot! On the day we saw the first remake of Ken’s “Buddy” in over two decades, Alan was preparing to marry Barbie’s BFF, Midge.

In 2002, the Happy Family introduced two new Alans. Pre-2004 Alan & Ryan dolls also included a Nikki’s Birthday and a Hometown Fair edition. In 2008, the Campus Sweet Shop Midge Doll and Alan Doll set was released to Barbie enthusiasts. In 2014, Alan was featured in the Double Date giftset.

While Alan isn’t the most sought-after Barbie, we have a sneaking suspicion that he’ll end up being a fan favorite for a number of reasons. First of all, Michael Cera is playing Alan, so of course we’re going to like him. Two: Gerwig has invested heavily in developing the Barbie universe and making sure that Midge and Alan have meaningful roles in her universe.

So, what about the debate we brought up? When Midge, Alan’s wife, made her public appearance with him and their kids—and a pregnant belly!—she caused quite a commotion. What a horrible situation this is!

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Is Michael Cera Happy with his Casting as Alan?

Perhaps the Reddit post and the multitude of on-the-mark comments accompanying it will get some credibility after Cera’s statements to Screen Rant. According to his account, the script’s core portrayal of Alan was straightforward:

“Well, the way I read it in the script was that Alan is sort of obsessed with Ken, if not in love with him. I love that he just wants the best for Ken, even if that means Ken not being near him. He wants Ken’s happiness. I thought that was sort of a life of servitude in a way. Distant yearning.”

It’s clear that Alan has major feelings for Ken; whether their bond is purely platonic or based on deep-seated affection, one thing is certain: there can be only one Alan, and for him, there can be only one Ken. When Barbie opens in cinemas on July 21, don’t miss Cera in his role as Alan.

Midge and Alan’s Marriage

In the 1990s, Midge tied the knot with…Alan, wearing a dress reminiscent of Princess Di. She did, in fact, tie the knot with Alan. During the War on Terror, Mattel omitted an L. Obviously, Barbie was at the wedding party.

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