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Why Did Crunchyroll Remove Bleach All Episodes?

Why Is Bleach Not On Crunchyroll

Why Is Bleach Not On Crunchyroll

Because another firm purchased the streaming rights, Bleach was taken down from Crunchyroll. In particular, Disney’s Funimation Global Group (which at the time owned the anime) announced in October 2022 that it has acquired the rights to stream the Bleach anime.

Fans were worried that the anime’s translation would be altered or censored in any way when it was moved to Funimation’s platform due to the change in streaming rights. Funimation, however, has calmed fans’ fears by promising to stay true to the anime’s original Japanese form. Do you know why is Bleach not on Crunchyroll? Read this full post to know all details.

Why Is Bleach Not On Crunchyroll?

There is currently no official indication on which streaming site, fans will be able to watch Bleach, despite the fact that the Thousand Year Blood War arc will officially begin broadcasting on the Japanese TV Network in a matter of days.

All fifteen seasons were taken down from Crunchyroll on October 1. All references to the Bleach anime series have been removed from the YouTube account “Crunchyroll Collection,” which features anime clips, openers, and ending music.

Take a look at below tweet:

When Crunchyroll took down the final episode of Bleach, it meant that another streaming site had acquired the rights to air the whole Bleach series.

After a hiatus of roughly a decade, the Bleach anime comes back to adapt the last arc of Tite Kubo’s now-infamous series. However, there are numerous reasons why Bleach fans everywhere should be dissatisfied with the show’s current direction.

Fans have waited a long time to see the Thousand Year Blood War brought to life on screen, but recent developments have left many of them dissatisfied.

Look at the below tweet about BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War:

Leaks allegedly confirming Disney’s successful acquisition of the streaming rights to the series following a lengthy bidding war sparked initial concerns. So many people had high hopes that the finale would be “family-friendly” like other Disney shows. The heavy censoring, poor translations, and restrictions on graphic violence were all things that fans were worried about before this leak.

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While many have noted the drawbacks and memed this new development, few have maintained an optimistic stance. Since Disney is in charge of the streaming service, the promotion of the finale will undoubtedly have a sizable budget and bring in many new viewers, maybe proving the series successful enough for future continuations; after all, Bleach has quite a few side tales that could be adapted.

As of right now, though, we only have hearsay and no hard evidence that Disney has acquired the rights. One of the main concerns that led to Disney’s acquisition of the Bleach streaming rights, however, appears to be materializing in some form or another.

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