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When Will the Dead Mount Death Play Season 2 Announced to Aired?

Dead Mount Death Play season first’s final 12 episodes are dropped on Tuesday, 27 June 2023. The anime series is currently available on the Ani-One Asia YouTube Channel and Crunchyroll. You can watch it again on the suggested platforms. The season’s last episode is released on 27 June 2023 on BS 11, AT-X, Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, and Sun TV.

Dead Mount Death Play Season 2 Release Date

Before “ Dead Mount Death Play Season 2d Mount De Dead Mount Death Play Season 2th Play” say goodbye to fans the showrunner announced its remake. This makes fans happy that their favorite anime series will be back soon. Though they did not open any fixed release date yet. But “Dead Mount Death Play” season 2 will be released on October 2023. 

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The cast will remain the same. As we get the latest information about the characters we will update you. Studio GeekToy will be back to produce the anime. We come to know that 24 episodes have been set to be released and 12 of them are nearly aired. So we can say that at least 12 episodes fans can get in the second season. 

Dead Mount Death Play Season 2

The cast is listed below. 

Despite this, we make a list of all episodes released yet. All the 12 episodes are here, you can check if any of these you missed somehow. 

Dead Mount Death Play Season 2
No. Title Written by Directed by  Storyboarded by
1. “The Reincarnation” Manabu Ono Yoshiki Kitai Manabu Ono
2. “The New World” Manabu Ono Daisuke Kurose Takaharu Ōkuma
3. “The Necromancer” Yoriko Tomita Kenichi Yatagai Kenichi Yatagai
4. “The Mad Dog” Yoriko Tomita Yūichi Nakazawa Yoshiki Kita
5. “The Monster” Manabu Ono Tarō Yamada Tarō Yamada
6. “The Firestarter” Yukie Sugawara Tomio Yamauchi Yoshiki Kitai
7. “The Magician” Manabu Ono Masatoyo Takada Masatoyo Takada
8. “The Assassin” Yoriko Tomita Kim Hee-gang Michio Fukuda
9. “The Signpost” Yukie Sugawara Fumio Maezono Shinpei Nagai
10. “The Emblem” Yoriko Tomita Naoki Murata Shinpei Nagai
11. “The Beginning” TBA TBA TBA
12. “The Sacred Place” TBA TBA TBA

Viewers get ready to watch again your favorite anime series in October 2023. Hope you get every single information about the series and it will be helpful to you. Bookmark our site for more updates. 

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