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Who is Norma Hunt… The Spouse of Late Kansas City Chiefs Founder?

Norma Hunt

Norma Hunt

Norma Hunt is the wife of the late Kansas City Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt. In 1964, Texas-born teacher Norma Knobel wed Lamar Hunt. Hunt was a founding member of the AFL which later combined with the NFL to establish the current league.

The AFC Championship Trophy bears his name. Additionally, the Hunt family founded Major League Soccer and still owns FC Dallas.

Norma Hunt

Norma pἀssed away at the age of 85. She is one of the few people to have witnessed every single Super Bowl game between 1967 and 2023. The Hunt family announced in a statement:

“She was kind, generous and unfailingly positive.”Her enthusiasm and positivity inspired others around her. She had a genuine heart for helping others and was never short on words of encouragement. She had the uncommon capacity to make everyone she met feel respected and at ease, and she was a loyal friend to boot.”

Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL said that he had known Hunt for more than 40 years and had always been struck by her warmth and grace.

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