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The Boogeyman’s Terrἰfying Monster Reveal Shocks Audiences

The Boogeyman Monster Reveal

The Boogeyman Monster Reveal

Scaring the audience is, of all, the main goal of a horror film, but apparently the most recent version of Stephen King’s The Boogeyman provided one moment that worked so well, it had to be adjusted. Director Rob Savage claims that spectators were so frightened by the movie’s unveiling of the titular monster that their reaction drowned out some dialogue that immediately followed, prompting him to make some adjustments.

The Boogeyman was supposed to debut on Hulu only, but its successful preview screenings led to a wider theatrical distribution. It appears to be another effective adaptation of work by King, whose short tale served as the basis for the film. In an interview with Empire, Savage detailed the edits made to the film in response to audience feedback about the film’s scariest moment. The man spoke thusly:

“The first time you see the creature, the audience screamed so loud, and then immediately started talking with their neighbours and chattering, that they completely missed the next lines. So we had to recut it and build in 45 seconds of padding, just so they didn’t miss any vital information.”

The Boogeyman Guarantees to Give You Nightmares About What’s Behind the Closet Door

The Boogeyman

There are many possible interpretations of the material, and The Boogeyman makes some adjustments to the original story, as is the case with many adaptations of King’s short stories. The summary claims that:

“High school student Sadie Harper and her younger sister Sawyer are reeling from the recent death of their mother and aren’t getting much support from their father, Will, a therapist who is dealing with his own pain.

When a desperate patient unexpectedly shows up at their home seeking help, he leaves behind a terrifying supernatural entity that preys on families and feeds on the suffering of its victims.”

The Boogeyman has never before been produced for the big screen, but a short film of the same name can be seen on YouTube and is a more faithful rendition of the narrative. The early buzz surrounding this new adaptation, however, suggests that it will rank among the best of King’s story adaptations.

There are many more films and TV shows in the works based on his works, including the prequel series Welcome to Derry to IT, as well as adaptations of his more recent novels Billy Summers and Fairy Tale. A Mike Flanagan version of The Dark Tower is also rumored to be in development.

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Even though this is a lot of work, the author still publishes a new novel every year, and there are many more stories and adaptations to come from the mind of one of the world’s best authors. On June 2nd, The Boogeyman will hit shelves.

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