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Becky Rothman Obituary: Legendary “Queen of Carpe” Dἰed at Age 67!

Becky Rothman, known as the “Queen of Carpet” in St. Louis, was a well-liked community member. Generations of St. Louisans were charmed by her charming demeanour and amusing advertising. Becky was born into a flooring industry family on February 3, 1956. Her father, Murray, founded Veterans Linoleum and Rug Co. in East St. Louis in 1946.

Becky Rothman rose to prominence after appearing in several commercials, most notably with Wanda Kilzer, widely known as the “Princess of Tile.” Becky and Wanda became renowned faces of the St. Louis flooring industry, dressed in glittering sequined gowns and tiaras. Their commercials began airing in the early 1990s and had an indelible mark on the local community.

In addition to her great commercial career, Becky Rothman authored several of the advertising herself. She worked with Mark Earls to bring her creative ideas to life, filming in several settings throughout St. Louis. Her commercials frequently contained amusing concepts, such as one in which her daughter, Rachel, played a younger version of Wanda.

Becky Rothman’s deἀth left a vacuum in the hearts of St. Louis people who regarded her as a local icon, along with John Goodman and Jon Hamm. Her Becky’s Carpet & Tile Superstore advertisements became ingrained in St. Louis culture, earning her the well-deserved title of “Queen of Carpet.”

Becky Rothman Obituary
Becky Rothman Obituary

Becky Rothman Obituary

Becky Rothman, affectionately known as the “Queen of Carpet,” dἰed on Sunday 28, leaving behind a legacy that touched generations of St. Louisans. Her memorable commercials, in which she effortlessly flew on a rug over the Gateway Arch, gave delight and entertainment to millions of people.
The deἀth of Becky Rothman, 67, has received widespread notice online, with many people expressing their cond0lences and support for her family and loved ones through this unexpected loss. Following Becky Rothman’s deἀth, many people took to social media to express their condolences and honour her extraordinary life.
The Twitter account KSDK News has just released details regarding the same incident:

During this sad time, we express our heartfelt condolences to Becky Rothman’s family, friends, and loved ones, wishing them comfort and strength as they cope with this tragedy. Becky Rothman’s deἀth has left the community in mourning, but we appreciate the memories she created and the joy she brought to so many people’s lives. May she rest in peace as we remember her with affection and thanks.

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