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Jennifer Lawrence’s No Hard Feelings Trailer: Big Trouble Ahead!

No Hard Feelings Trailer

No Hard Feelings Trailer

In the latest teaser for the R-rated comedy “No Hard Feelings,” Jennifer Lawrence plays an Uber driver who runs into financial trouble after she loses her car. Before their awkward 19-year-old son leaves for college, a wealthy couple offers her a Buick Regal if she will “date” him.

And now you want to rent out your vag when you won’t even let anyone stay in your house? After hearing about her arrangement, Lawrence responds:

“You have a Road Runner tattoo covering your entire back, I don’t think you should tell anybody what to do with their body.”

In the promotional material, we see Lawrence frantically searching for Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman) at a high school party, crashing through bedrooms to find teens glued to their phones. “Doesn’t anyone f–k anymore?” she gasps in disbelief.

Take a look at the below tweet provided relating to the No Hard Feelings trailer and release date:

Sony Pictures Entertainment’s R-rated comedy starring Feldman, Matthew Broderick, Laura Benanti, Natalie Morales, Scott MacArthur, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach premieres on June 23.

“No Hard Feelings” was co-written by Gene Stupnitsky and directed by him. Stupnitsky directed the racy 2019 film “Good Boys,” a coming-of-age story starring Jacob Tremblay and produced by Seth Rogen. He also co-wrote the films “Bad Teacher” (2011) and “Year One” (2009).

You can also take a look at the amazing trailer for the upcoming seasons of popular tv shows we’ve covered in below posts:

With the help of Alex Saks, Naomi Odenkirk, Marc Provissiero, and Justine Ciarrocchi, “No Hard Feelings” is produced by Lawrence. She has recently been seen in the Oscar-nominated apocalyptic comedy “Don’t Look Up” by Adam McCay, in which she co-starred with Leonardo DiCaprio, and in the 2022 drama “Causeway” by Lila Neugebauer, in which she co-starred with Brian Tyree Henry.

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