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Meet the Returning ‘Barry’ Season 4 Cast and Characters – The Epic Final Season!

Barry Season 4 characters

Barry Season 4 characters

In Barry, Bill Hader plays Barry Berkman, a hired assassin who decides to change his life and pursue acting in Los Angeles. Barry immediately develops close relationships with his peers and acting coach Gene Cousineau (Henry Winkler), especially Sally Reed (Sarah Goldberg), who grows into a love interest. Barry, however, finds difficulties no matter how hard he tries to leave his past behind.

Who’s Returning for the Final Season? The entire cast and characters of Barry Season 4 are listed here.

Meet All the Main Cast and Characters of Barry Season 4

Barry is imprisoned in the upcoming season due to that shocking double cross in the Season 3 finale. Gene revels in the limelight, NoHo Hank and Cristobal plot their future together, and Sally works to put her life back together—even if it’s incorporated into something new.

Barry Berkman: Bill Hader

Barry Berkman, a former Marine turned assassin who tries to leave up contract kἰlling in favor of an acting career, is portrayed by Bill Hader. He’s grown as a director over the years, discovering breathtaking, horrifying depth in the character while stepping up in front of the camera.

According to a news release that The Hollywood Reporter obtained from Bill Hader, “It’s been an amazing journey making this show, and it’s bittersweet that the story has come to its natural conclusion.”

Hader gained notoriety on Saturday Night Live and is recognized for his work in Trainwreck, It Chapter Two, and Superbad.

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Sally Reed: Sarah Goldberg

In Gene Cousineau’s class, Sally Reed is a student who aspires to fame, glory, and money as an actor. Sarah Goldberg plays Sally. She successfully obtained her own television show in Season 3, but it was canceled, and we next see her in Season 4 when her life is disintegrating. For her work on the program, Goldberg, who has also been in The Night House, The Report, and Rogue Agent, has been nominated for an Emmy.

Gene Cousineau: Henry Winkler

Gene Cousineau, a failing actor who operates an acting school in Los Angeles, is portrayed by Henry Winkler. In Season 1, he adopted Barry, but once Barry’s surprising acts came to light in Season 3, he and Barry fell out. Winkler has starred in Scream, Click, and The Waterboy in addition to his most well-known role as Fonzie in Happy Days.

Monroe Fuches: Stephen Root

Monroe Fuches, played by Stephen Root, was Barry’s uncle and handler who assisted him in becoming a hitman after returning from Afghanistan. He has a peculiar way of displaying how much he cares for his nephew, frequently betraying him in exchange for favors or cash. Get Out, Dodgeball, Boardwalk Empire, No Country for Old Men and Succession are just a few of the films in which Root has acted.

NoHo Hank: Anthony Carrigan

NoHo Hank, portrayed by Anthony Carrigan, is a member of the Chechen mafia in Los Angeles who rises to the top of the food chain after Season 1. He chooses to fall in love with a Bolivian gangster instead of joining the fight with other factions, and despite some tiffs and attempted muɼders, he still manages to keep a close connection with Barry.

In addition to playing Victor Zsasz in Gotham, Fatherhood, and Bill & Ted Face the Music, Carrigan has received an Emmy nomination for his work on the program.

Cristobal Sifuentes: Michael Irby

As the leader of the Bolivian operation in LA and NoHo Hank’s lover, Cristobal Sifuentes is portrayed by Michael Irby. However, their relationship stained his reputation, necessitating NoHo’s intervention to bring him back from Bolivia. Mayans M.C., The Expanse, Flightplan and SEAL Team are a few other shows that Irby has acted in.

Jim Moss: Robert Wisdom

In Season 3, Robert Wisdom made his acting debut as Jim Moss, the father of Janice Moss, who was seeking retribution for kἰlling his daughter. He’s a strong character who constantly follows the rules yet rarely lets anyone get away unscathed. In addition to The Wire, Supernatural, Prison Break, Happy Town, and Burn Notice, Wisdom starred as Howard “Bunny” Colvin.

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Lon O’Neil: Patrick Fischler

Barry’s story piques the interest of Lon O’Neil, a Vanity Fair reporter played by Patrick Fischler. As well as appearing in Twin Peaks, Lost, Mad Men, and Mulholland Drive, Fischler is a significant part of one of David Lynch’s most notable moments.

Tom Posorro: Fred Melamed

Fred Melamed portrays Gene’s agent Tom Posorro. The films A Serious Man, Crimes & Misdemeanors, and Shiva Baby feature Melamed most prominently.

Batir: JB Blanc

The Chechen mobster Batir, played by JB Blanc, obstructs NoHo Hank and Cristobal’s “legitimate” enterprise. In addition to Breaking Bad, War Dogs, Mortal Kombat 11, The Incredible Hulk, and Bleach, Blanc has a long list of acting roles in films, TV series and video games.

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