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Netflix’s “XO Kitty” Cast: Get to Know the Actors Behind Your Favorite Characters

xo kitty characters

xo kitty characters

Kitty Song-Covey’s (Anna Cathcart) story from To All the Boys continues in her spin-off series XO, Kitty, which you can watch right now on Netflix. In the program, she moves to South Korea to be with her long-distance boyfriend and start a new chapter of her life at an excellent university, but she rapidly runs into trouble in her new environment.

Rising performers such as Love, Victor’s Anthony Keyvan and South Korea’s Choi Min-young (The Promise) join Cathcart in XO, Kitty. Fans of the first three movies will undoubtedly flock to this series, but there will be many new characters, so here is the main cast you need to be familiar with.

XO Kitty Cast and Characters

In the plot of XO, Kitty revolves around the teen matchmaker who moves halfway across the world to reunite with her long-distance boyfriend and soon realizes that relationships are much more complicated when it’s your heart on the line.

Netflix released XO Kitty on May 18, 2023.  We’ll discuss Kitty’s main cast below.

Kitty: Anna Cathcart

The mysterious youngest Covey sister, a Kitty, is the one who first made all of the letters Lara Jean penned in the first movie public. She can be a cunning matchmaker, but her abilities will be severely tested when it comes to her own love life.

While she is visiting South Korea to reconnect with her, this series also shows her dealing with her late mother’s emotional moments. Anna Cathcart also appears in Odd Squad and Disney’s Descendants 3 and plays Kitty.

Dae: Choi Min-young

The Covey family travels to South Korea in All the Boys: Always and Forever to celebrate their heritage and remember their late mother. He meets Kitty on a Love Lock Bridge close to Seoul Tower and the two have an instant connection that leads to Kitty moving to Korea to visit him.

The top student at Kἰss and a native of Seoul is overjoyed to see Kitty, but relationships—both online and off—prove to be challenging for him. Choi Min-young, who most recently appeared in Dream Palace and Twenty-Five Twenty-One, plays Dae.

Daniel Covey & Trina: John Corbett & Sarayu Blue

Daniel, AKA Dr. Covey, the father of the Covey family plays a wise and silly role in the series as he cheerfully permits Kitty to enroll in college before doubting whether or not that was the best course of action.

In the second installment of TATB, Trina joins the cast as the Coveys’ next-door neighbor and later as Dr. Covey’s girlfriend. She strikes me as just the reverse of the stereotype of the evil stepmother—warm and compassionate.

John Corbett, who plays Dr. Covey, has plenty of employment. He is well-recognized for his roles in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and S*x and the City. He will soon join the And Just Like That Season 2 Cast. Sarayu Blue also makes comedic appearances, including Blockers and I Feel Bad plays Trina.

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Yuri Han: Gia Kim

In addition to being a social media sensation, Yuri is her school’s administrator and the daughter of a successful CEO, making her the Queen Bee of Kἰss.

She has a talent for maintaining a perfect façade even when things aren’t going well because she is frequently photographed. Gia Kim has already been a part of numerous stage shows worldwide, as indicated by her Instagram page, but Yuri is her first significant film role.

Min Ho: Sang Heon Lee

When it comes to Min Ho, you need to get to know them before you can like them. At first, he comes off as excessively rich, aloof and even cruel, but as time passes, it becomes clear how much he values his friendships, which is why he is initially skeptical of Kitty.

Sang Heon Lee portrays Min Ho in XO Kitty, but later this summer, he will also appear in Gran Turismo. This is indeed his first significant role.

Quincy “Q” Shabazian: Anthony Keyvan

Q is one of the only openly gay students at Kἰss and a fellow international student there. He is Dae’s close friend, and he and Kitty get along well. In addition to his role as Q, Anthony Keyvan can be seen in the TV shows iCarly, Grey’s Anatomy, Love Victor, NCIS, and Fresh Off the Boat.

Jina Lim: Yunjin Kim

Jina Lim, a fellow new character and the principal and administrator of Kἰss, is also Yuri’s mother. Since Jina used to attend Kἰss with her future mother, she has problems that she attempts to conceal for professionalism. She also has a history with Kitty.

Yunjin Kim is well-known for her roles in the television shows Lost, Mistresses and Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area on Netflix.

Alex Finnerty: Peter Thurnwald

Alex teaches chemistry at Kἰss and is a wonderful person. Like Kitty, he is from Melbourne, Australia, and has relocated to attend the school. He and Kitty become friends over their struggles acclimating to their new lives. In addition to playing Alex, Peter Thurnwald may be seen in Thor: Ragnarok and Kong: Skull Island.

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Professor Lee: Michael K. Lee

Another instructor at Kἰss is Professor Lee, who differs from his colleagues in that he is considerably more rigid and strict. Particularly Kitty struggles to live up to his High Standards, demonstrating how different cultures may have differing student standards.

Michael K. Lee is well-known for performing in plays like Jesus Christ Superstar, Rent, Miss Saigon, and Pacific Overtures.

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