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Chinese Trapeze Performer Dἰes during Display as Spouse Watches

Chinese Acrobat Falls to Death

Chinese Acrobat Falls to Death

A Chinese acrobat tragically perished after falling to her deἀth while performing with her husband. Sun Moumou was seen on disturbing video footage collapsing while performing on the flying trapeze, according to the people who took it from the audience.

During the performance of the show with her acrobatic partner, to whom she was married, Sun fell onto a rough platform. According to local estimates, Sun plunged from a dreadful height of more than 30 feet.

“We were always happy together,” her distraught husband Zhang Moumou remarked. I am now in the process of dealing with everything, so I’m unable to provide any specifics just yet.

According to the media outlet, the tragic occurrence has left the late acrobat with a daughter and a son. Although the husband and wife were seasoned performers who had collaborated for many years, they chose not to wear essential safety belts “for the sake of looking good”.

He tried to catch her with his legs during the risky but courageous move according to footage but he was unsuccessful. As it became apparent that something was awry, spectators could be heard yelling. Soon later, the event was canceled.

She eventually passed away as a result of the wounds she received while performing in Suzhou’s Haogou district. She was not able to be saved by hospital care, according to sources in Chinese media. More than 10 million people live in Suzhou, which is in the Anhui province in the east of the country.

Many have demanded improved safety measures and tighter industrial control after the footage frightened Chinese citizens and spread on social media.

The Regional Culture and Tourism Department has charged the couple’s performance group with failing to secure permission to do the stunt. Anhui Yaxi Performing Art Media would be “dealt with accordingly,” the official organization stated.

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According to the reports, “holding commercial performances without approval” resulted in a punishment of more than £5,600.

Trapeze performer David Castaneira fell over 30 feet to the ground earlier this year. The catastrophe happened in March at a location close to the Islaazul Shopping Center in the Madrid neighborhood of Carabanchel, but the acrobat, fortunately, survived the fall with a cut.

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