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Man Flees UAE After K!lling Daughter, Sharjah Police Searches for Him

Man Flees the UAE After K!lling Daughter

Man Flees the UAE After K!lling Daughter

Recently in DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, A man k!lled his daughter. Authorities are looking for a father who murder*d his daughter and then left the country.

A man wanted for the Monday murd*r of his daughter has been requested for Interpol’s assistance in being apprehended and extradited (March 27, 2023).

According to the Gulfnews reports, authorities claim that the deceased, a 26-year-old woman, was murd*red by her father, who then fled the country. The victim’s sibling reported the crime to authorities. When officers arrived, they discovered the lady had already d!ed.

Her corpse was later sent to a morgue for an examination. The father of the deceased was identified as the suspect and Interpol was alerted after receiving information that he had fled the UAE.

The consensus is that he is back in Pakistan. According to international law, a warrant has been issued for his capture and extradition. The woman’s home was searched after her sibling reported finding her b0dy there.

Man Flees the UAE After K!lling Daughter

The police are looking into what happened and why. The crime scene was photographed in great detail and the victim’s fingerprints were taken so that forensics experts could establish how she had d!ed. The district attorney issued a directive for the b0dy to be transported to the police forensics facility.

According to Yahoo reports, Police in the United Arab Emirates’ sheikhdom of Sharjah said on Wednesday, March 29, 2023 that a man fell to his death from a balcony after k!lling his wife and two children.

Sharjah police said they discovered the man, who they only identified as an Asian male in his 30s, along with a piece of paper that appeared to be a confession to the k!llings. After entering his residence, authorities were able to confirm that the information in the letter was correct. They gave no further details.

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Note: The investigation of this case is still going on. When we get any official information we will update you. If you know anything else about this case you can share it with us in the comments section below. We have made this article as per the information we got from our reliable sources. We don’t want to harm anyone’s feelings here.

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