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Who’s Behind the Squirrel Mask on the Masked Singer?

Who is Squirrel on Masked Singer

Who is Squirrel on Masked Singer

Every season of Masked Singer features a new group of famous faces hidden behind intricate masks and every season of Masked Singer fans guess who they are by tweeting their best predictions. And we’re here to help you identify the celebrities hiding behind these zanier-than-ever masks.

Fans of the show The Masked Singer are still attempting to guess who is hiding under the Squirrel mask. On March 8, 2023, voters approved The Squirrel as the tournament champion.

Who is Squirrel on Masked Singer?

The Squirrel-Costumed Masked Singer sang P!nk’s “Try” as they took the stage. The Masked singer shared a Tweet on their official Twitter account which showed the epic performance of Squirrel Mask.

The show’s judges reasoned that it may be one of the following people behind the squirrel mask:

Others on Twitter also made assumptions, such as:

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What Were the Clues of Squirrel?

The Squirrel, like the other singers has their own special clues to help them win the competition. These included:

The Masked singer shared a Tweet on their verified account and said “We’re never taking #SquirrelMask for granted”!

The identity of the squirrel’s impersonator remains unknown. Use the space below to tell us what you know about this topic. Keep up with us at to read the latest posts about the newest shows, series, participants and more.

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