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Who Plays Medusa in the Masked Singer?

Who is Medusa

Who is Medusa

Audiences eagerly await each new season of The Masked Singer to find out which famous faces are hiding behind the masks. On February 16, Medusa appeared in the season nine premiere and completely wowed viewers. Read on to find out which incredible vocalist may be hiding out on the show as a contestant.

Medusa’s clue package contained some huge hints that helped the audience figure out who she was. She said before her performance, I grew up far from the spotlight, a dancer in the dark and I was never really accepted by the group.

The clue package contained a photograph of Buckingham Palace, a large chess piece and a tattoo of a heart with the words “True Love” written across it. A DVD case titled “Medusa: Snakes on the Astral Plane” was included as a further hint for viewers.

Just have a look at the Medusa by the Tweet we have provided below: 

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Who is Medusa in The Masked Singer?

We hope that the singer Bishop Briggs is actually hiding behind the Medusa mask. The chess bishop included in the clue package was a nod to her given name. Fans have deduced that the singer who was born in London is hiding behind the mask because of all the hints pointing to England.

A Tweet posted on The Masked Singer’s official Twitter account which showed the entry of Medusa:

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