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Is Lori Lightfoot the First Gay Person to Lead the City?

Is Lori Lightfoot Gay

Is Lori Lightfoot Gay

American politician and lawyer Lori Elaine Lightfoot born August 4, 1962, has been Chicago’s 56th mayor since 2019. Currently, she votes for the Democrats. Lightfoot was a partner at Mayer Brown and served in a number of government positions in Chicago before being elected mayor.

Lightfoot won 73% of the vote and all 50 wards in the runoff election, soundly defeating Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle. She also received overwhelming support from the white, black and Latino communities.

Lightfoot declared:

We will change our city from the ground up, The city cannot be transformed by a single leader, regardless of her gender. We need to work together on this.

Is Lori Lightfoot Gay?

After last week’s election, Lori Lightfoot celebrated with a party that included a tradition that was once considered obscene. In front of a room full of cheering supporters, the newly elected mayor of Chicago turned to her wife, Amy Eshleman and planted a passionate kiss on her cheek.

Lori Lightfoot

Images of the black lesbian kissing her white wife in front of the mini-rainbow coalition of onlookers looked like a preview of a New America breaking through. Not a single person even blinked an eye. As per ABC news reports, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is the first female who made history as 1st Black woman and 1st gay person to lead the city.

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No conclusions can be drawn about her s*xual orientation at this time. Reports said that she is the first openly gay person to lead a major city. Nonetheless, we can’t say for certain. When we get any official confirmation related to her s*xual orientation we will update you.

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