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Is Chadwick Moore Gay or Just a Rumor?

Is Chadwick Moore Gay

Is Chadwick Moore Gay

Coming out as homos*xual to his “Fox News-watching, gun-toting Republican” dad in Iowa was easier for Chadwick Moore than coming out as a conservative to his liberal friends in New York this year.

Moore is a graduate of the University of Iowa who gained more in common with the Republican Party after an outcry over an article he wrote on former Breitbart News provocateur and “Internet super villain” Milo Yiannopoulos in Out Magazine.

Is Chadwick Moore Gay

Others have called him names like “fake conservative” and “attention whore” online. On the other hand, he claims that his change of heart was slow and methodical, rather than hasty and motivated by personal gain. Moore claimed that his AP English thesis in high school had argued against hate crime legislation on constitutional grounds.

“I’m not a Republican from the establishment,” he clarified. “I haven’t changed a lot and am still the same person within. For that reason, I have never joined the Democratic Party.”

When Moore graduated from high school in 2001 and headed to Iowa City to begin his freshman year at the University of Iowa, the world seemed clearer and more orderly. In his father’s pickup truck, he took the position of shotgun.

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Moore’s dad, Gary brought it up just before he left his son in the middle of a sea of 29,000 restless young coeds. We are not yet confirmed whether Chadwick Moore is gay or not. If we get any confirmation we will update you. Till then you can follow us on Twitter to get more latest news.

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