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El Paso Mall Gunfire Leaves One Dead and Three More Injured

El Paso Mall Gunfire

El Paso Mall Gunfire

El Paso, Texas police said one person was killed and three people were injured in a shooting at the Cielo Vista Mall on 15 Feb, night. At a press conference on Wednesday night, acting El Paso Police Chief Peter Pacillas declared that the public was no longer in danger since two suspects had been taken into custody.

“It was chaotic. People did flee. They were scared,” police Sgt. Robert Gomez said.

The University Medical Center of El Paso verified that two male victims were transported there in critical condition. According to Gomez, a third male victim was also hospitalized, but his status is unknown.

In 2019, a shooting at a Walmart nearby claimed 23 lives and left over a dozen more injured. The shopping center is directly adjacent to the store. As part of a plea deal, the 24-year-old shooter pled guilty last week to 90 federal crimes.

1 Injured and 3 Dead at Cielo Vista Mall

According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have been more than 70 mass shootings in the United States this year.

At around 5 p.m. local time on Wednesday, police were called to the Cielo Vista Mall in response to multiple reports of an active shooter, according to Gomez. As the scene was still busy, authorities asked that the public stay away.

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After securing the site, Gomez said that police and law enforcement from other agencies were still trying to evacuate the mall Wednesday night, warning that the operation could take some time due to the mall’s large size. According to a preliminary investigation, Gomez said, the incident occurred near the mall’s food court.

Gonzalez’s footage shows a number of the mall’s stores locked, with their security gates down, and a number of police vehicles and an ambulance parked outside. Another witness’s footage also included the sight of an ambulance.

Gonzalez told that he had successfully made it to his vehicle and was preparing to leave. He thought back to the 2019 mass shooting and said that today’s event “simply brought back awful memories.” If you are unable to reach your loved ones, Gomez said a reunion center has been set up at the adjacent Burges High School.

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