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Michigan State Campus Shooting: What did Chris Rozman Say About It?

Michigan State Campus Shooting

Michigan State Campus Shooting

The suspected shooter who killed three and injured several others at Michigan State University was discovered dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound late on Monday night, police said.

MSU Police Interim Deputy Chief Chris Rozman said the 43-year-old suspect was found off campus and had committed suicide by gunshot.

Shortly after midnight on Tuesday, the campus-wide shelter-in-place order was canceled. Let’s check out this post and read everything you want to know about this situation.

What did Chris Rozman say in Press Conference?

The situation tonight has been “truly a nightmare,” Rozman said at a press conference at 12:30. Rozman stated that neither the suspect nor his family had any ties to MSU as students or staff.

We don’t know why he came to campus tonight,” Rozman said at a 1:30 a.m. press conference. The MSU police confirmed three fatalities at around 11:30 p.m. with an additional five injured people taken to a hospital in Lansing.

John Foren, a spokesman for Sparrow Hospital said at 1 a.m. on Tuesday that all five patients were still in critical condition.

Michigan State Campus Shooting

Rozman said it is unclear if any of the victims are MSU students or faculty. At the north end of the MSU campus, close to downtown East Lansing, the shootings took place in Berkey Hall and the adjacent MSU Student Union building on Grand River Avenue.

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According to Rozman, law enforcement was attempting to establish a motive for the killings on campus. We do not know if the suspect had any connection to the university, Rozman said. Later he added, “We have absolutely no information about what the motive was and I can’t even imagine what the motive may be.”

According to Rozman, the suspect had communicated with police shortly before committing suicide by gunshot. Just after midnight, police barricaded a stretch of Lake Lansing Road in the East Lansing area. The police have erected a tent there.

Officials from Michigan State University have announced that the shelter-in-place order has been lifted making it safe for parents to return to the East Lansing campus to retrieve their children. The tragic shooting at MSU left the university administration in shock.

After the shooting, Michigan State University posted the following Tweet, which we’ve provided below:

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At a press conference held at 1:30 in the morning, MSU Interim President Woodruff said, “We cannot allow this to continue to happen again.” Those days’ classes at MSU were canceled. 

Berkey Hall, located on the north end of campus between Grand River and Farm Lane was reportedly where the shooting began at 8:18 p.m. Multiple 911 calls reported gunfire in Berkey Hall, Rozman said,

Many police officers came to the scene. It didn’t take us more than a few minutes to get there. There, we discovered multiple gunshot victims.

After that, Rozman said, police were called to the Abbot Road MSU Student Union after reports of gunfire. He claimed that the shooter had been seen walking away from the Student Union’s northern entrance on Abbot Road and Grand River Avenue.

The Michigan State Police have released a surveillance image of the suspect, who is depicted as a Black male shorter in stature dressed in red shoes, a denim jacket and a baseball cap.

Michigan State Campus Shooting

There were reports of gunfire at the nearby Snyder-Phillips Hall, prompting a police response. MSU police say they conducted an investigation into IM East after the incident. According to Rozman, several other buildings on campus also received false reports of gunfire.

According to the MSU Twitter account, the College of Social Science, the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research and the Department of Sociology are all located in Berkey Hall, where the shooting occurred.

MSU spokeswoman Emily Guerrant initially stated that one person had been killed in the shooting. Later, MSU confirmed the fatalities of the three. We promise to keep you informed as soon as any new information emerges about this case. If you want to stay up-to-date on the most recent news, be sure to follow our official Twitter page.

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