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Why Did Ashley Darby Want Divorce From Her Husband Michael?

Ashley Darby Divorce

Ashley Darby Divorce

Ashley Darby is in fame related to the news of her divorce from Michael. They tied the knot in 2014 and have since welcomed twin sons into the world. After eight years of marriage, the couple announced their split in April 2022.

The fans want to know the real reason the couple broke up. Find out what went down between the couple and what is their divorce settlement in this post.

What Reason Did Ashley Darby Give to Split her Relationship with Michael?

Ashlee announced their breakup with Michael on April 19th, 2022. She told Bravo in a statement,

Michael and me planned to spend every waking moment together. Sadly, that is not how things stand right now. We’ve reached an agreement to go our separate ways. We realize there will be many unsubstantiated assumptions made about our decision.

Reality television’s intrusion into our private lives, generational differences, cultural norms and parental styles will all be blamed. She explained that while these factors may have each played a role, no single factor was ultimately responsible for their decision to part ways.

You can see the official confirmation of her split from Michael in the Instagram post that she posted on April 20, 2022:

Now that we’re both well into our 30s, we’re at entirely different points in our lives with entirely different plans for the future. It’s something we both want for the other, but we know we can’t have it if we’re together. Ashley continued,

While our romantic bond is broken, we will always love and respect each other. We’ve learned the hard way that the key to a happy life is a committed partnership and so we’re putting everything we’ve got into being the best parents we can be to our two sons, Dean and Dylan. Because they were made with love, they will never feel alone or unsupported.

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Does Ashley’s Divorce Settlement Include Alimony?

Andy Cohen, the host of The Real Housewives of Potomac, questioned the 34-year-old reality star about the status of her prenuptial agreement with her ex-husband in a sneak peek for the upcoming season 7 reunion. Ashley Darby implied that she would receive no alimony payments from their estranged husband Michael Darby. (according to information found at

Ashley Darby Divorce

The news completely shocked her coworkers. To this news, Gizelle Bryant responded, “You can’t get alimony?” Dr. Wendy Osefo’s response, “Why did you sign that?” betrayed her shock. It wasn’t just Ashley who was subjected to Andy’s (age 54) interrogation in the trailer, though.

The reality star explained their difficulties in separating and co-parenting. She did not get any Alimony after her divorce. The main reason for their divorce is their future goals. We hope that you like our post. Must share your response regarding our post in the comments section below. For more latest updates on other famous celebrities stay connected with us always at our official Twitter page.

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