Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Peña Autopsy Report

Do you know details about Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Peña Autopsy? On June 24, 1993, two adolescent girls, Jennifer Lee Ertman and Elizabeth Christine Pena both from Houston, Texas, were raped and killed. The brutality of the crime and the new statute that resulted from it, allowing families of the victims to witness the execution of the killers, dominated newspaper headlines in Texas after the girls’ deaths. The International Court of Justice attempted to halt the executions of several of the perpetrators, but Texas refused.

Peña and Ertman

Both Elizabeth Christine Peña (born June 21, 1977) and Jennifer Lee Ertman (born August 15, 1978) were classmates at Waltrip High School and tragically lost their lives on the same day, June 24, 1993.

Ertman was a shy girl who had only recently started experimenting with makeup, but Peña’s father saw her as a “positive influence” on his daughter and remembered that after a brief period of rebellion in his daughter’s life prior to her 1992 enrollment at the University of California, Los Angeles, Pea “just straightened up her act.”

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June 24, 1993

On June 24, 1993, at 4:15 p.m., Ertman’s father Randy took his only daughter to visit her aunt Peña. Melissa Pea, Peña’s mother, drove her and her friend Gina Escamilla to Escamilla’s apartment at the Spring Hill Apartments, where Escamilla was throwing a pool party for her classmates, at around 8 o’clock that evening. When Pea and her friend got out of the car, she reassured her mother that they would be back by the girls’ 11:30 p.m. curfew.

Both of them had promised their parents they wouldn’t stay out past a certain time, so when they discovered they were going to be late, they left the party.

Following the train tracks and cutting through T.C. Jester Park would save Ertman and Peña ten minutes on the trip to Pea’s house in Oak Forest. About a mile separated this spot from Peña’s house.

Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena’s Murders

Cantu gave the order to kill the girls because he knew the girls would be able to identify them. Each of the two young women was killed by strangulation. Villarreal echoed Cantu’s initial directive by telling Ertman to “Get on your knees, bitch!” O’Brien (the only non-Hispanic Black member of the group) and Villarreal broke Ertman’s neck with O’Brien’s red nylon belt before they could escape. In Peña’s presence, they finished the job by strangling the girl with the shoelace.

With a rope around her neck, Peña was forced to watch as her gang mates killed Ertman. At first, Peña desperately appeased her abusers by sharing her phone number so they could “get together” as she cried. After that, she made an attempt at evasion. Cantu responded by tackling the girl and kicking her multiple times in the face and torso, breaking several ribs and knocking out three teeth.

Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena
Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena Autopsy

With shoelaces, Cantu, José Medelln and Pérez strangled Peña to death. To assure the deaths of both girls, the gang members stomped on their throats. Cantu grabbed a Goofy wristwatch off of Ertman’s body and offered it to Venancio Medelln before fleeing the crime scene, telling him, “Take this, I don’t want it.”

The trio of José Medelln, Pérez, and Villarreal were dropped off to the home shared by Cantu, his brother Joe, and sister-in-law Christina. Christina Cantu was perplexed as to why Villarreal was bleeding and Pérez was wearing a stained shirt. Consequently, Medelln declared that the group “had fun” and that more information would be made public in the media. Then he went into detail about how he had raped both girls.

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Peter Cantu eventually came back and split the loot with the females. A letter “E” ring was purchased by José Medelln for the purpose of presenting it to his love, Esther. Medelln said he killed a female and that he wished he had a pistol to make the job simpler. At the scene of the incident, O’Brien was seen on camera showing a wide grin. Joe Cantu was initially reluctant to call the police, but Christina Cantu persuaded him to do so after the group had left.

Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena Autopsy Video

You can watch the video for Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Peña autopsy below:

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