Orcas Perform In Wellington On The Ocassion of Christmas Eve

This year, residents of Wellington will be able to participate in a brand-new Boxing Day activity: orca watching. Many people have been using Facebook postings and images to watch the movements of a pod of orcas swimming near the capital city’s swimming places since Christmas.

Recently, the orcas have been swimming from Shelly Bay to Scorching Bay. As they do so, they pass lines of automobiles backed up on the route toward the beach. Miramar Wharf, Hataitai beach, and Oriental Bay were where this morning’s sightings of the sea creatures took place.

Orcas Perform In Wellington
                                                      Orcas Perform In Wellington

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Orcas were discovered for the first time at the Interislander terminal early in the morning of Christmas Day, which was yesterday. As they traveled past Shelly Bay, it appeared they were chasing stingrays. One stingray was seen leaping out of the water and landing on an orca. It would appear that there are a minimum of four orcas in the pod.

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This Boxing Day, Wellington locals may see orcas. People on the capital city’s beaches have been using Facebook to track a pod of orcas since Christmas. Orcas have been sighted traveling from Shelly Bay to Scorching Bay despite enormous queues of cars. This morning, whales and dolphins were spotted in Oriental Bay, Hataitai Beach, and Miramar Wharf.

Orcas were spotted near the Interislander port early on Christmas Day. One stingray sprang out of the water and landed on one of the orcas as they approached Shelly Bay, suggesting they were chasing stingrays. The pod has four orcas.

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