Does Gamache Die In Three Pines… What Happened To Him?

The protagonist of the thriller series “Three Pines” on Amazon Prime Video is Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, who finds himself in Three Pines, Quebec, to look into a string of killings. Gamache also looks into Blue Two-Rivers’ disappearance, an indigenous lady who has been missing for a very long time, in addition to these murder investigations.

Gamache assures the Two-Rivers family that he will do everything possible to learn what happened to the young woman. He delivers on that promise by discovering her dead body, providing Blue’s family with desperately needed closure.

Gamache Die In Three Pines
                                                              Gamache Die In Three Pines

However, Gamache’s life becomes seriously endangered due to the probe. The show’s eighth episode closes with alarming discoveries, so fans must be worried about what will become of the investigator. Well, let’s talk about it and share our opinions! Spoilers follow.

What Happened to Armand Gamache?

Gamache finds Blue and her partner Tommy’s dead bodies in the show’s eighth episode. He finds several bullets with dead bodies and sends them to a lab to identify the weapon used to fire them. Gamache is surprised by the outcomes since Chief Inspector Pierre Arnot, who has been Gamache’s greatest friend for forty years, fired the bullets that murdered Blue.

When he confronts Pierre about it, he learns that the latter killed Blue because he had documented his involvement in the illicit tobacco trade with his accomplice, fellow police officer Dan Chowski. When Pierre learns that Gamache has evidence that Chowski was involved in the killings, he kills his junior officer and tries to link Chowski to the two slayings.

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Gamache, who has known Pierre for more than 40 years, requests that he stop deceiving him. Even though Pierre is his closest friend, he tries to persuade the murderer to turn himself in despite the former’s acts and murders.

Gamache Die In Three Pines
                                                     Gamache Die In Three Pines

To avoid losing his job as a police officer and his relationship with his partner Estelle, Pierre shoots Gamache. The Chief Inspector makes every effort to survive as the show’s first season comes to a close. Isabelle Lacoste and Jean-Guy Beauvoir, two of his employees, quickly arrive on the scene and attempt to assist him.

Gamache hasn’t passed away yet, especially in light of the season’s final shot. He might be able to receive the necessary medical care inside the window of hope because Isabelle and Jean-Guy are there to assist him.

Gamache might be able to recover from the bullet wound and live. The detective might be shot just outside the “chest kill zone,” close to his right shoulder, giving him a little more time to fight for his life.

Gamache must have even been purposefully killed by Pierre when he shot him out of the area rather than killing his best friend. The detective might survive enough for Isabelle and Jean-Guy to bring an ambulance into the remote location.

The Inspector Gamache books by Louise Penny were adapted for television as “Three Pines.” Gamache’s demise may not be a pressing concern if the television adaptation stays true to the original literature. Gamache doesn’t pass away during an investigation in the novels; he even reaches retirement age for the police.

As a result, the detective’s struggle for survival can be seen as a standard cliffhanger after the first season. There are enough books in Penny’s series to serve as the basis for a potential sophomore round, even though Amazon Prime Video hasn’t yet extended the show for a second season.

Gamache might survive the gunshot and continue to live in the second season materializes. For his commitment to Blue Two-Rivers’s family, he might manage to apprehend Pierre and put him on trial.

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