Is James Buchanan Gay and Why He Did Not Get Married?

What do you think, Is James Buchanan Gay? The fact that Buchanan was the only U.S. president to remain a lifelong bachelor has caused several historians and authors to speculate about his s*xual orientation. As the 15th president of the United States, James Buchanan Jr. was born on April 23, 1791 and died on June 1, 1868. He was an American lawyer, diplomat and politician. He served as president from 1857 to 1861.

While representing Pennsylvania in Congress, he was secretary of state from 1845 to 1849. Prior to the Civil War, he argued for the rights of individual states, particularly in the area of slavery and downplayed the importance of the federal government. The last president born in the 18th century was James Buchanan.

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Is James Buchanan Gay?

For his part, Buchanan was the only U.S. president to remain a lifelong bachelor prompting some historians and authors to speculate about his s*xual orientation. While Barack Obama may have been America’s first black president, James Buchanan certainly held the distinction of being the country’s first openly gay president more than 150 years before his election.

James W. Loewen, a historian believes confident Buchanan was gay based on his investigation of the man’s private life. The critically praised “Lies Across America” written by Loewen investigates the prevalence of false representations of historical individuals and events on American historical sites.

Loewen said, “I’m confident that Buchanan was gay.” That he was gay is proven beyond a reasonable doubt. I don’t think he was bis*xual because I’ve seen no indication to the contrary. For years, Buchanan reportedly lived with Alabama Democrat William Rufus King in Washington, DC.

James Buchanan Gay
James Buchanan Gay

According to Loewen, historians of the time mention how the two men were inseparable even going so far as to call them “the Siamese twins.” Some of Buchanan’s coworkers saw the two men as a couple. According to Loewen, who claimed that Buchanan was pretty open about his relationship with King.

Democratic leader Aaron Brown wrote to Mrs. James K. Polk, calling King Buchanan’s “better half”, “his wife” and “Aunt Fancy… decked out in her best clothes.” Loewen further claims that a letter written by Buchanan to a friend after King left for France reveals the extent of Buchanan’s feelings for King.

Many authors, such as James W. Loewen, Robert P. Watson and Shelley Ross have speculated that he was gay. Jean Baker, one of his biographers, speculates that Buchanan was as*xual or at least celibate.

Who was James Buchanan’s Wife?

Buchanan began pursuing Anne Caroline Coleman after meeting her at a ball in Lancaster in 1818. Anne Coleman was the daughter of successful iron maker Robert Coleman. The Philadelphia judge Joseph Hemphill, a friend of Buchanan’s was her brother-in-law. They became engaged by 1819 but rarely saw each other. During the Panic of 1819, Buchanan was gone from Coleman for extended periods of time due to his law practice and political activities.

Some alleged he was merely marrying her for the money and others claimed he was seeing other women. Coleman’s letters indicated that she was aware of various rumors. She ended the engagement and on December 9, 1819, she died unexpectedly. When Buchanan asked her father for permission to attend the funeral, he flat-out said no.

James Buchanan Gay
James Buchanan Gay

After Coleman passed away, Buchanan stopped showing interest in women altogether. I feel happiness has departed from me forever, he said at the time of her funeral. During his presidency, he adopted his orphaned niece Harriet Lane and raised her as his own. It was falsely reported that he had an affair with Sarah Childress Polk, the widow of President James K. Polk.

Since Anne Coleman’s death there has been a lot of talk about whether or not Buchanan will ever remarry. For some, Anne’s murder may have been nothing more than a diversionary tactic to keep people from asking awkward questions regarding Buchanan’s s*xuality and his status as a bachelor as suggested by the 106th hypothesis.

There was much rumor and speculation about Buchanan and his close friendship with William Rufus King. In Franklin Pierce’s administration, King, an Alabama politician served as vice president for a short time. From 1834 through 1844, Buchanan and King frequently attended social events together while residing in a Washington boardinghouse. It was standard practice at the time, but King went so far as to describe their living situation as a community.

James Buchanan Early Life

The son of Elizabeth Speer, James Buchanan Jr. was born on April 23, 1791 in a log cabin near Cove Gap, Pennsylvania. His father who was of Ulster Scot ancestry had come to America from Ramelton, Ireland in 1783. After Buchanan was born his family relocated to a farm close to Mercersburg, Pennsylvania and then in 1794, they settled permanently in the town.

His father amassed the greatest fortune in the town via his endeavors as a merchant, farmer and real estate investor. Buchanan received his education at Old Stone Academy in Mercersburg and later at Dickinson College in nearby Carlisle. Despite being on the verge of expulsion for bad behavior, he graduated in 1809 with high honors.

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Lancaster, the state capital was where he settled later that year. In 1812, Buchanan was admitted to the Pennsylvania bar after serving as an apprentice for prominent attorney James Hopkins. When Harrisburg replaced Philadelphia as the state capital in 1812 many lawyers made the trip but Buchanan remained in Lancaster.

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