Adam Corolla Divorce and Who is He Dating After His Divorce?

Is the news of Adam Corolla Divorce true? Adam Carolla, an American radio host, comedian, actor and podcaster was born on May 27, 1964. He is the host of The Adam Carolla Show, a podcast-distributed talk shows that in 2011 was deemed the most downloaded podcast by Guinness World Records. Together with Drew Pinsky, Carolla hosted the radio and TV versions of the call-in show Loveline on syndication from 1995 to 2005 and from 1996 to 2000, respectively.

His television credits include The Man Show on which he also served as co-host and co-creator and Crank Yankers on which he also served as co-creator and regular performer. In 2005, he hosted the home improvement show The Adam Carolla Project on TLC and in 2011, he hosted The Car Show on Speed TV.

Adam Corolla Divorce

After nearly 19 years of marriage, Adam Carolla the Show host and his wife Lynette filed for divorce in May 2021. Two days before Mother’s Day last year, Carolla, then 56 broke the news on his podcast that he and his wife were divorcing. To kick off the show, he announced, Lynette and I are getting a divorce.

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I’m a product of divorce and so is Lynette and neither of us wanted this… Divorce is something nobody ever chooses to go through voluntarily. During that time, he claimed that they had been apart for several months. Their divorce is not finalized yet.  

Adam Corolla Divorce
Adam Corolla Divorce

What Were Adam Corolla Wife’s Words After Filing her Divorce With Corolla?

I Want Joint Custody Of Our Kids, Says Adam Carolla’s Ex-Wife After Their Divorce. After Adam Carolla filed for divorce, his wife legally requested shared custody of their children. New court documents obtained by The Blast show that in response to the divorce petition.

Lynette Carolla asked the court to grant joint custody of the couple’s 16-year-old twins. Lynette is also requesting that Adam pay spousal support to her on a monthly basis in this petition. She also requests that the court’s spousal support awarding authority be revoked.

It’s interesting given that Adam filed for divorce while simultaneously giving the impression that he doesn’t want to pay support and agree to share joint custody of the children. After initially filing properly or without lawyers, Adam eventually checked all the other boxes as well.

Adam Corolla Divorce
Adam Corolla Divorce

Adam reportedly filed for divorce in May of 2021 and his ex-wife claims they’ve been legally separated since April 2019. Lynette doesn’t say whether or not she wants child support, but since she wants shared custody, that means child support will be calculated based on the couple’s combined monthly income.

When it comes time to negotiate a divorce settlement, Lynette says she will list and itemize any and all separate assets and debts as well as community and/or quasi-community assets and debts. Furthermore, Lynette is demanding that Adam pay for all of her legal fees associated with this case. The 58-year-old actor and comedian broke the news to his listeners on his podcast “The Adam Carolla Show” calling it not something he wanted to do.

Why does Adam Corolla Make Fun of his Wife’s Reaction after their Split?

The divorce between Lynette and Adam is final, His words. Adding, “I’m a product of divorce and so is Lynette, so this isn’t something I sought out. Divorce is something nobody ever seeks out”. He vouched for the pair’s been apart for some time and it’s tough. The kids have always come first. They’ve got it together and are thriving. He even made light of the situation by saying, Too well, say some; I was hoping for some chaos. As for me, I didn’t take much of a hit.

After only six months of dating, Carolla and Lynette tied the knot in September 2002. After that, Adam said, Unfortunately, this has been a trying period. We’ve been married for 25 years, but we couldn’t be more different as people or in our approaches to life. It wasn’t anything specific that happened and it wasn’t due to infidelity or compulsive gambling or a lack of common interests.

Adam Corolla Divorce
Adam Corolla Divorce

Rather, it was simply the fact that the two people involved were so radically dissimilar that they were unable to find a common ground. It’s challenging and somewhat baffling. Everyone or at least many people end up divorced, but it was never meant to be for me. Perhaps I just didn’t consider it. To me, the point was to fix whatever was broken. Nonetheless, I am in a good place because in the end, if you can’t make it work, it’s probably for the good.

Adam Carolla, a popular radio host, has been seeing a new woman for about 18 months after announcing his divorce. After his divorce, radio star Adam Carolla started dating hot comic Crystal Denha. A source claims, they’ve been dating for a few months.

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Denha, inspired by the big d-k energy description of fellow comedy hottie Pete Davidson claims in her bio to have big titty energy. Denha is an actress and special correspondent for Extra who was born in Iraq to Iraqi immigrants. She claims to be an Aramaic-speaking volunteer EMT on her social media profiles.

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