Season 6 Finale Rick and Morty Lightsaber Episode

Read details about Rick and Morty Lightsaber Episode below. This season of Rick and Morty hasn’t held back from making fun of several aspects of modern culture. Many Marvel and DC heroes were lampooned, but some were also praised. That Jerry was able to take on the persona of Iron Man and that Jesus Christ was able to be a parody of Bane demonstrates how in tune with the tastes of viewers the program is, particularly with regard to the comic book and superhero genres.

The final episode of Rick and Morty Season 6 takes aim at the Star Wars fanbase, with U.S. President Curtis playing a pivotal role. When it comes to the lightsaber, both he and young Morty become deeply intertwined. The world as we know it is almost destroyed as a result of this, which is ironically lightened by the show’s humorous take on modern Star Wars fans.

Rick and Morty Lightsaber Episode

Rick and Morty Lightsaber Episode: Despite the fact that Morty receives a blue lightsaber from Rick for the holidays, he is fooled into thinking that the robot they’ve been talking to is actually his grandfather. However, all goes wrong when the weapon drops perfectly vertically with the laser end pointing toward the center of the planet. We are powerless to prevent it. Morty is warned by Curtis and the company that dropping the cyber crystal into the lava will cause it to explode, setting off a global nuclear war.

Rick and Morty Lightsaber Episode
Rick and Morty Lightsaber Episode

The real Rick offers his help grudgingly and pulls out a red lightsaber, fitting since his pursuit for Weird Rick has made him as vindictive as any Sith Lord. Despite being programmed with artificial intelligence, it turns rogue and burrows into the ground rather than killing its blue counterpart. Instead, it travels to Venice, where it is blamed by Saudi Arabia for the deaths of countless Italians and visitors. Fortunately, Morty and the president take a ship down to retrieve the blue one, but Curtis takes it, leading to a reenactment in the Oval Office. Read details of this amazing tv shows The Resident Season 6 Episode 10: Why is NIC no longer on the Resident?

The Rick and Morty Laser War Is In Full Effect

The world of Rick and Morty is about to be destroyed by evil forces wielding lightsabers. There will be six new episodes in Season 6. Curtis launches the White House into orbit as he tells the people that the Smiths are to blame for the apocalypse. Fortunately, Morty employs the Rickbot to grab the weapon and then heads into space like Luke Skywalker breaking into the Death Star to force the president to accept his guilt.

Over there, Curtis unveils his own cantina, complete with a slew of droids sporting lightsabers where they don’t belong (like their eyes, fingers, and other appendages). He is so addicted that he owns a Gatling gun that fires lightsabers and is so opposed to what Disney has done that he will not stop buying the toys, despite knowing that they are dangerous. You can also read about When is The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 9 Going be Released?

Rick and Morty Lightsaber Episode
Rick and Morty Lightsaber Episode

As a matter of fact, he still has a soft spot for the series and will watch it again and again, even if only to find fault with it, proving once again that many reviewers are addicted to the properties that Lucasfilm puts out, for better or for worse. Putting that aside, it’s very funny how the White House in space is destroyed by suction holes made by the multitude of lightsabers falling vertically again as Morty reminds fans of his Blade skills.

Rick manages to save the day by using a gateway to rescue Curtis, his grandchild, and the bot. A red lightsaber has gone missing, and it’s likely still in Italy, which means Rick and Morty will have another task in Season 7. The crucial question, though, is whether or not Curtis will have found it by then, and whether or not he will turn away from the dark side (his toxic fanaticism) in order to aid the men.

Final Lines

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