What is Green Monday and How to Celebrate It in 2022?

What is Green Monday? We all already know about Black Friday, Good Friday and Cyber Monday. Today we are going to discuss Green Monday. Yes, Green Monday is a shopping day that is celebrated two weeks before Christmas every year.  What is the history behind Green Monday? Get ready to know everything about this day. 

What is Green Monday?

Green Monday is a shopping day that is celebrated two weeks before Christmas every year. This time it was celebrated on 12 December. This is not related to any environmental project, health day or anything else, but a shopping day. Undoubtedly, people did online shopping at the last minute on this day for Christmas day

Green has a meaning here, regarding the shopkeeper who made the most profit on this day in the whole year. So this is a profit day you can also say. 

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How did Green Monday Start to Celebrate?

In 2007, eBay claimed the biggest sales day in December, 12 years ago. It is called Green Monday because the second Monday is the busiest day of the year. Also, online shopping platforms offer big deals to you on this day. Especially Amazon, Target, and Walmart give you satisfying deals, to excite you go on Black Friday and other shopping days. It is also considered Cyber Monday part 2 because it is also the biggest day for online shopping. 

what is green monday
What is Green Monday? How to Celebrate It?

How to Celebrate Green Monday in 2022?

Here we prepared a list so that you can celebrate your Green Monday completely in 2022.  

Go for Shopping Online: 

First of all, prepare a list you want to shop for your baby, parents, beloved ones and yourself. As online shopping platforms entered into the new era, they changed the meaning of shopping totally. It also changed that last-minute shopping in life. Because everything is now delivered to doors. 

Hold the Green

If we look technically, it changed the financial impact totally in the retail industry. But you can also enjoy it with your creative thoughts using something green that day. Like wearing green clothes, T-shirts, shoes or a completely green look from head to toe. 

Including Something Green in your Food

It is also amazing for you to bake something for your friend and family with a green touch. Make some cookies and then decorate them with green frosting. Make any other green dice and then wrap them with a green ribbon before serving them or giving them.

Shop what you Want

It may help you to avoid some problems you have in daily life. So, list the appliance that can help you in any way and purchase it so that you do not have to face the same problem in the upcoming year. 

Why We Love Green Monday?

It is too difficult for us to select a perfect gift in one day. In today’s busy life, the next day comes just like “only a few days left until Christmas”. Then it is more difficult to manage for us in a very short time. So green Monday gives us a chance to save our money for that perfect shopping. It is made easier by online shopping. Because when we went to markets there were so crowded shops that we could not shop for perfect things.  

Dates of Green Monday From 2021 to 2025

2021December 13Monday
2022December 12Monday
2023December 11Monday
2024December 9Monday
2025December 8Monday

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Final words:

Green Monday has been celebrated since 2007 and it is celebrated as a festival of shopping. Everyone made their plan for purchasing something special for this day. Christmas is also coming soon after this day. Hope you get enough about what is Green Monday and How to Celebrate It in 2022? Don’t forget to bookmark our site venturejolt.com.

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