Who is Rain Man? Is Rain Main Exist in Real Life(1988)?

Who is Rain Man?: “Rain Man”, one of the most watched in 1988, which won an Academy Award, is famous because of its lead character Raymond Babbitt. This Is an American drama, starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. This film also won Golden Globe awards for best drama. Tom gets an idea of the Raymond character from a real-life character Kim Peek. Who is Kim Peek and how he inspired Tom? To know more about the “Rain Man” read on.

Who is Kim Peek?

Kim Peek has a different personality from others as he is suffering from savant syndrome. 

Kim had a rare condition called savant syndrome, which gave him amazing talents including a phenomenal memory. Often we thought that it was worthless to unlightened this kind of character story, but believe me, it will be amazing. 

He was born in 1951 issued with macrocephaly, a condition which shows you are abnormal.  

Who is Rain Man?
Who is Rain Man? Is Rain Main Exist in Real Life?

Doctors surprised everyone after the checkup because there is a problem in his cerebellum and the nervous system which connects the hemispheres is not present. When Kim was nine months old, doctors advised his parents that Kim is not capable of talking and walking his whole life so you have to put him ‘in an institution.

But they did not accept this. Unbelievably we can say when he was just one year he could remember books that his parents read to him only hearing them once. In fact, reading a book he put is out of anyone’s reach because he remembered everything now. He remembered the whole Bible when he was just seven years old. 

Unbelievable Book Reading Quality of Kim Peek

When he was in his childhood, doctors advised many treatments. Because he had trouble even though he could not button off his shirt. Because his head is overweight he starts walking when he is 4. At the age of seven doctors advised him to do a lobotomy, to stop his nonstop speaking habit. But they again refused and hired a tutor for Kim. 

He also has an amazing quality to read two pages at one time. Because he read so fastly, a considerable book he read-only in half an hour. But how he read two pages at one time. He read one page with his left eye and one page with the right one. More amazing is that he remembered 98% of what he read. In his whole life, he memorized more than 12,000 books.

When someone is suffering from savant syndrome, he can be an expert in one or two subjects but Kim is a specialist in fifteen subjects. When someone gives him his address then he is capable of telling him his next neighbor’s name with the help of a phonebook. With the map, he can help you to go to another city in the world. Kim’s musical knowledge is outstanding, even though he can play piano. 

Kim inspired the Rain Man script

Undoubtedly, We can say that if Kim was not present at that time then the movie would not be a blockbuster hit. In 1985 Barry Morrow saw Kim Peek by chance. And he was so influenced by him that he wrote a script for Kim. 

When it was filed they again requested Kim to join them for helping  Dustin play his character. But Kim’s Fran said that “I may be the star but you are the heavens.” Although Kim is the inspiration, not completely. For example, Raymond also has an autism problem but Kim doesn’t. He faced problems only when he dressed. According to research in 2008 Kim’s condition is known as FG syndrome. 

As the film was released Kim requested to face people and promote Rain Man. Then he attended a function where he spoke to 2 million people. In 2009, Kim died of a heart attack at home. 

Final Lines:

Hope you like this post, and that Kim’s personality also influences you somehow. Try to help these kinds of people when they need you. Now it is clear that Rain Man is not an imaginary character but he exists. To know more bookmark our site venturejolt.com.

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