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Disney’s “Enchanted” Sequel, “Disenchanted,” is a Terrible Fairy Tale Bomb as Reviewed

Disenchanted Review

Disenchanted Review

In “Disenchanted,” Disney+’s completely pointless sequel to 2007’s “Enchanted,” set in New York City, the film’s only humorous moment occurs right at the start. After all, New York wasn’t Giselle’s fairy tale the narrator argues. Thousands of recent Florida transplants will die of laughter. But despite the city’s growing crime, skyrocketing costs, and general decline, Giselle (Amy Adams) never lost her love for New York. After 15 years in New York City with her lawyer husband Robert (Patrick Dempsey), the cartoon princess and her teenage stepdaughter Morgan (Katie Holmes) have outgrown their Central Park apartment and are looking for a larger place to raise their new kid.

The gang thus makes the long journey to a residence in a made-up Westchester neighborhood they call Monroeville. The premise of this series is about misfits getting thrown into the Hudson River with no fanfare. No more jokes about how a Disney princess who exudes goodness would contrast with the usually gloomy, black-clad New Yorkers. Instead, we’re served the usual family fare, with matriarch Giselle butting heads with feisty youngster Morgan (Gabriella Baldacchino), who pines for the comforts of the past.

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Giselle, at a loss for what to do, grabs the wishing wand that Edward (James Marsden) and Nancy (Idina Menzel) gave to them as a baby shower gift and sings, “I Wish We Had a Fairy Tale Life.” Overnight, Monroeville is transformed by the magic into a town straight out of “Beauty and the Beast.” villagers dance in the town square while wearing wacky hats and aprons.

However, things become chaotic. Over time, Giselle becomes as villainous as her rival, Malvina (Maya Rudolph), the unpleasant mother of a high school student. Yet another film where Rudolph’s considerable abilities go to waste due to weak writing.

Director Adam Shankman, composer Alan Menken, and lyricist Stephen Schwartz turned “Disenchanted” into a full-fledged musical to compensate for the characterless suburbia in which it is set.

Disenchanted Review Adam & Dempsey Humdrum Sequel

True Love’s Kiss, Happy Working Song, and the magnificent Central Park flash mob-style number “That’s How You Know” was the only three important songs in the first film. This time around, there are a minimum of ten repetitive and tedious imitation songs that merely rip off other, better Disney successes. “Let it glow!” is sung by the “Frozen” actress in the background of the want-to-be hit single “Love Power,” sung by Menzel’s character who doesn’t require her own song.

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In one particularly funny segment, kitchen appliances such as panini presses and espresso makers sing and dance along to the tune of “Fairytale Life (After the Spell)” as though they belonged in Pee-Playhouse. wee’s It’s hard for you to care about anything else.

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