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When Will ‘Little People, Big World Season 24 Episode 3 air on TLC?

Big World Season 24 Episode 3

Big World Season 24 Episode 3

The Roloff family is returning again to show their family dynamics to the world. “Little People, Big World” has premiered for season 24 and undoubtedly, we are all enjoying the interesting life of the Roloffs. This season started on a very emotional note since we saw Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed their third child in the family.

But amidst all the happiness, there has been a lot of chaos. Tori had no other option but to undergo an emergency C-section which took a toll on her mental health. Overcoming all the obstacles, they became parents yet again and gave birth to Josiah Roloff.

However, there is also trouble in paradise since when Zach got to embrace his fatherhood for the lucky third time, his equation with his father Matt Roloff became tense. It started with their disagreement over Roloff Farm’s future.

Even Caryn Chandler, the girlfriend to Matt tried to convince him to fix things with his son but he was determined not to do so. Thus, fans are now guessing that it will be little Josiah who will finally mend the broken relationship between Zach and Matt. Will this happen in “Little People, Big World” season 24 episode 3? Well, that is something the fans are eager to watch and let’s just straight away find the details.

What time will “Little People, Big World” season 24-episode 3 air?

 The Roloff family has been having happy times ever since the arrival of the new baby. There is a lot of unexplored tension but the primary focus is to be the best parents to the family.

“Little People, Big World” season 24 episode 3 is scheduled to release on 15th November, Tuesday at 9 pm ET. It releases weekly episodes and so, your weekdays won’t be boring.

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How Can You Watch “Little People, Big World” season 24 episode 3?

 If you have a cable network, it is obviously available on TLC. “Little People, Big World” season 24 episode 3 will be airing on the same network as usual. However, if you want to stream it online, we have the best suggestions for you in that segment as well.

You can watch “Little People, Big World” season 24 episode 3 without the need of having a cable connection in this digital world. The top options to watch the latest season are Sling TV Blue, Philo, Hulu with Live TV, DirecTV Stream, Sling TV Orange + Blue, FuboTV, Vidgo, FuboTV Elite, Xfinity Choice TV as well as Spectrum TV. The options are pretty huge and you can select anyone according to your preference.

What is the Expected Plot Line of “Little People, Big World” season 24 episode 3?

What is the Expected Plot Line of “Little People, Big World” season 24 episode 3

In “Little People, Big World” season 24 episode 3, we will see new parents Zach and Tori are now making all the moves to adjust to the needs of the newest member of the family. At the time of the family appearance, Zach sheds light on the information about the ongoing feud with his father, Matt.

He further explains the whole situation of dispute and now wants his father to apologize to him. Matt want to sell the much-loved Roloff farm and this led to a huge problem amongst the family. The entire Roloff family feels betrayed after Matt decides to do so without consulting anyone.

In the next episode, we will see Caryn, Matt’s girlfriend will be interacting with Chris Marek, Amy Roloff’s husband. She is going to host a barbeque to have friends and family over at her place.

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So, are Zach and Tori going to attend the event with their newborn? If yes, will Matt’s heart melt after meeting the baby and all the differences will be sorted? It is all confusing because there are a lot of unsolved conflicts that have not been addressed. The details are not known yet but there is no harm to hope for the absolute best. 

The synopsis of the episode reads:

An unfortunate interaction with Chris forces Amy to think about her past. Then, naughty secrets are revealed when Matt hosts a barbecue for old friends, and Zach and Tori find themselves at a crossroads with Matt and Caryn.”

Final Words

“Little People, Big World” season 24 episode 3 is probably going to give certain answers that viewers have wanted to know since season 2. But with the reality show showing the lives of Roloffs in an unfiltered manner, it can only be expected that family differences are going to be there. Hence, “Little People, Big World” season 24 episode 3 will be clearing quite some doubts for you. Keep following for more updates. 

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