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Donna Webb Obituary (1943-2022): The Beautiful Journey of Lifetime

The sad demise of Donna Webb felt like an important piece of the family suddenly went missing. Donna was the heart of her family members and loved ones, her loss is irreplaceable.

She has left a deep impact on the lives of the people who were associated with him. Her presence did light up the lives of everyone and she celebrated every moment with absolute joy. Today, in memory of her glorious life, we will gather to remember her selfless contribution toward everyone who was an integral part of her.

The Early Life of Donna Noel Higgins

Born in Dallas, Texas on 18th November 1943, Donna Noel Higgins is the daughter of Naomi Noeldean Higgins. She was born and brought up by her lovely mom along with stepdad, JC Manry. Donna. Being the oldest of seven siblings, she had a lot of responsibility on her shoulders.

Donna met her love John when they went on a church picnic. The lovebirds caught each other’s attention and there was an instant spark between them. In spite of her attending the event with her then-boyfriend, John and Donna were engaged in a heartfelt conversation. This disappointed her then-boyfriend, he was mad about the entire situation and walked off. But everything happens for good and the union of two souls was written in their fate.

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Donna’s Life With John

It only took them 6 months to realize that they are made for each other. They tied the knot only after 6 months on 15th June 1960 and in 2022, they celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary. They had two kids Richard Noel and Jewel Adelle and they had a tight-knit family. Donna has always been ambitious in her work as well.

Initially, she was a manager at the Brazier Dairy Queen on Bissonet in Houston Texas for years but then left it. She became a homemaker but later took the role of church secretary and Sunday School teacher at South Shaver Baptist Church. Her services as church secretary continued till 2007.

She loved to have her shopping trips at Macy’s and always looked for the best deal. Donna has imparted valuable life lessons to her family and is always dressed for success. We did love to hear her elephant jokes, just like the way she loved to share. Her most treasured moments are when she spent time with her lovely friends and family. They watched movies, cabin camping, and did fun things. However, her most precious times were cruise trips with her husband John whom she referred to as “My John”. 

Donna Webb’s Family

But her life was full of good and bad moments. She was heartbroken when her mother Naomi Manry died in 1997 and later his stepfather JC Manry in 2001. Donna was lucky enough to be surrounded by her beloved husband Johnny (John) Webb, son Richard Noel Webb and wife Lyvia Ruth Webb at the time of her death. She also had grandson Jose Richard Noel (Chach) Webb, his wife Cristal and grandson Marcos Antonio Webb, and great-granddaughter, Zoe Webb. 

 Her other family members were, “Jewel Adelle Cyr and Orlando Quintanilla, grandsons Cody Cyr and Tyler Cyr, granddaughter Megan Quintanilla, brother Donald Reed Manry, and Cindy and their son Brian and daughter Tina. Sister Roxie Simond and husband, Travis and sons TJ and Aaron; nephew Christopher Garner and wife, Elizabeth and daughters Lena and Scarlett. Niece Misty and husband Brian Baker, and sons Daniel and JC. Niece Christina and husband Daniel Rivera and daughters Brianna and Julianna.”

Donna died before her siblings Randy Manry, Barbara June Manry, Dennis Manry, Jerry Manry and James Manry.

It was always her intention to go to heaven before “her John” in order to catch up with all the questions she had for God. Though she may have left the earth, her family will miss her laughter, patience, her delicious banana pudding, and her presence. 

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Donna Noel Higgins Webb will always be remembered for her 80 beautiful years and how she excelled in all her roles in life. We all are fortunate to be a part of Donna’s life journey and she will reside in her family’s heart.

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