Koren Actor and Singer Lee Ji Han killed With Other 154 During a Halloween Night

Lee Ji Han killed: A heart-touching tragedy took place on the previous Saturday, during a Halloween event in the town of Itaewon, Seoul on Saturday. South Koren pop singer and actor, Lee Ji Han, was died. Along with him, more than 154 other death was confirmed by management.

Lee was only 24, and his management agency, 935 Entertainment, confirm Lee’s death news on Media.

What 935 posted on Instagram is, “We are sad to deliver such news today, but Lee Ji-han has passed away in the crush in Itaewon last night,” the statement reads. “We would like to express our deepest condolences to his family, who are saddened by the sudden tragic news, and also to everyone who loved him.” 

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol, cancel other events, and shows and declared a national mourning. It all happened because the crowd becomes surged and the streets were narrow, with not enough space for the crowd. It was confirmed that more than 154 were killed and 100 people were left injured.

Lee was born in 1998, and get popularity from the music reality show, Produce 101 season 2, which premiered in 2017. He debuted his acting career with “Today Was Another Nam Hyun Day” which was a comedy film in 2019.

935 Entertainment captioned, “Lee Ji-han brightly smiled when greeting us all the time.” “He had pure and positive energy with a great passion for acting. It is very hard to believe that we cannot see him anymore. Please send your warm goodbye to Lee Ji-han. He’ll always be remembered.” 

Lee Ji Han killed
“We are sad to deliver such news today, but Lee Ji-han has passed away in the crush in Itaewon last night,”

Lee was among those partygoers who went to Itaewon, for Halloweekend revelry. This fun night turned into a black night in Korean history. Because 33 people are still in critical condition. According to the reports, among 154 dead bodies, more than 80 are in their 20s and 30s, 11 are teenagers and other were women.

The same like this another mishappen was held in Korea in 2014, where 306 people were killed, because of a ferry sinking. At that time most are school students, and all because of the crowd become surge.

The president of South Korea, said “The top priority is to evacuate and save the victims. We should take them to urgent medical treatment as quickly as possible.” 

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