Billie Eilish Jesse Rutherford Costume Halloween Cringe 2022(Complete Information)

Billie Eilish Jesse Rutherford Costume: Once more Halloween comes into headlines because of singer Jesse Rutherford and his girlfriend Eillish’s costume. This weekend they both were captured in university studios for Halloween Horror Nights in Los Angeles.

Eilish’s custom is too awkward, as she wears “Sweater Weather”, and is dressed like a little child with a big baby bonnet, pink slipper, and a big diaper. Fans made her fun. Aside from her Jesse’s outfit is also weird with a cap and wrinkles on her forehead.

If you remember in the previous event, Billie wears Doja Cat’s costume with her that-time boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vorce, and Jesse wears a matching costume with his that-time girlfriend and entrepreneur, Devon Lee Carlson.

Both of them post their clicks on social media with the same dress but never did comment on their relationship.

What did Twitter say About Billie Eilish Jesse Rutherford’s Costume?

Billie eilish jesse rutherford costume
Even if Billie and Jesse were a normal couple without that concerning age gap,

After seeing their custom and their thoughts, everyone is talking for them. You can see on social media people made themselves jock as they can.

“Even if Billie and Jesse were a normal couple without that concerning age gap, a couples costume where one is dressing as a baby and the other dressing as an old person is still so distasteful,” one fan wrote.

“I feel so sad for Billie Eilish. she thinks she’s being big and bad and grown trolling the haters but she’s just showing her immaturity and proving the point. Jesse is absolutely f—–g disgusting and weird as F–k for agreeing to that costume,” a user said.

“Idk if Jesse rutherford realizes this but dressing up in a costume that makes fun of his grooming accusations is exactly what a groomer would do,” another said.

“Every adult in Billie Eilish’s life has failed her because why do you continue to let her get intimate with men 10+ years older than her,” someone else wrote.

“I mean they’re trolling the people that are having an unnecessary opinion about their relationship. So In a way ur proving their point and making their joke even funnier,” one fan suggested.

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