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Who is Anna Johnson’s New Boyfriend?

who is anna johnston dating

Anna Johnson,7 Little Johnson star” actor starts dating some handsome guy. Anna, who is a famous television personality also appeared in her family series named 7 Little Johnson in which seven family members of the Johnson family life were described.

In this series, you can understand the problem of dwarfism suffered by people. As you know in 2022 its 11 seasons premiered and Anna joined the family in 2005. Anna is that child of the house who creates problems for all and is not loved by anyone. 

Today we are here to talk about Anna’s new life partner, yes friends she is dating a handsome guy. Who is the handsome boy? To know the mystery of Anna’s personal life read below.

Anna always steps aside her personal life from the media. Besides this one more couple in how Johan and Liz confirm their relationship and enjoy the show. So the audience is atrocious about Anna because she has no one to share her feeling with.

But secretly she falls in love with someone and wants to keep it unknown from the family.  On July 2022, she upload a picture on Instagram with a boy captioned, “THANK YOU for making it the best week.” 

Anna Johnson said. “But obviously he’s more than a friend because he comes to my house after work.”

Her fan commented, “He’s so handsome! You make a beautiful couple!”

Another stated, “I’m so happy for you Anna, your smile says it all.”

In the next season when the family member makes a list of guests for inviting Christmas, there she adds the name, Kyle. Is Kyle her boyfriend, whom she dated? To see this Amber and Trent investigate that social media guy and Kyle, are they one or different? Trent arise a question and everyone is wondering, Is he a friend or more than a friend?

“I mean, like, we’re still getting to know each other,” Anna Johnson said. “But obviously he’s more than a friend because he comes to my house after work.”

Then Trent questioned did she kiss him, Anna replied with hesitation, “Duh.” Anna does not talk much besides, she meets him two months and he is an average-height man.

“We met through friends of a friend at a restaurant,” she explained. “And then he’s still going to school to get his bachelor’s. He’s actually a smart man.” Nothing else she confirm about Kyle yet. 

Fan wrote: “How cringe for Anna to have to discuss Kyle this way! Amber looks disgusted and Trent is his usual disgusting self. I wouldn’t tell either of them a dang thing. They are just waiting to pounce on anything she says…”

 Who knows who Anna’s boyfriend is…. it’s just sad that she isn’t comfortable sharing anything with her family. They’re always judging her on a harsher scale than the rest of the children. Trent kept acting dumb & asking the same question over & over. Then you have Amber judging the guy before she’s ever met him by saying, ‘If he can’t handle the seven of us together, he’ll never belong to this family.’

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