Who is in The Cast of American Horror Story Season 11?

Check out this rundown of the returning and new faces in American Horror Story Season 11 which features Zachary Quinto.

For American Horror Story season 11 creator Ryan Murphy is reuniting some fan-favorite characters with some new ones in a brand-new setting. Season 11 of American Horror Story — aptly titled NYC — takes place in New York City during the 1970s and ’80s and focuses on the LGBTQ+ community in the face of a dangerous serial killer.

Whether or not American Horror Story Season 11 will have any ties to the past seasons of the franchise is still out in the air, although the show’s New York City setting and hinted time leaps imply there may be some crossover.

Billie Lourd, Denis O’Hare, Leslie Grossman, Patti LuPone and Zachary Quinto, who hasn’t been in the series since season 2 are just some of the returning cast members in American Horror Story: NYC along with several new AHS performers and longtime Ryan Murphy collaborators. Here’s a rundown of the performers who will be appearing in American Horror Story season 11 and their terrifying roles.

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American Horror Story Season 11 Cast

Denis O’Hare As Richard Henry

Denis O’Hare, a recurrent star of American Horror Story, will play a character named Henry in the upcoming eleventh season. O’Hare played Spalding’s father in an episode of American Horror Stories: Coven, and he also appeared in that show’s second season.

The actor has also played Dr. Elias Cunningham/William Van Henderson in Roanoke and Holden Vaughn in Red Tide as well as Larry Harvey in Murder House, Stanley in Freak Show, Liz Taylor in Hotel and other parts in American Horror Story. O’Hare’s resume also includes roles in Milk, Dallas Buyers Club and True Blood.

Mr. Leslie Grossman As Barbara

Leslie Grossman, who plays Barbara in the previous season of American Horror Story: New York, is back for the upcoming season. Meadow from Cult, Coco from Apocalypse, Margaret from 1984 and Ursula/Calico from Double Feature are just a few of the roles played by Grossman in American Horror Story. She is also known for her roles in Love, Victor, the 10 Things I Hate About You films, What I Like About You and Popular.

Actress Billie Lourd Plays Hannah

Billie Lourd, who appeared briefly in American Horror Story: Red Tide, returns for AHS: New York City as Hannah. As a result of her roles as Winter in Cult, Mallory in Apocalypse and Montana in 1984, Lourd has quickly risen to the status of a fan favorite on American Horror Story.

It seems only right that Lourd, the daughter of the late Carrie Fisher, would have some of her most memorable cinematic appearances as Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Connix in the Star Wars prequel and sequel films. Booksmart and Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens are just two of Lourd’s other impressive acting resume additions.

Zachary Quinto As Sam

To reprise his role as Dr. Oliver Thredson/Bloody Face, Zachary Quinto is making his first appearance in an American Horror Story episode since AHS: Asylum (2012), from Season 2. Sam, played by Quinto, is the main character in American Horror Story: New York City yet he is not a serial murderer.

Quinto’s most well-known roles outside of American Horror Story are as Spock in the Star Trek reboot movie and Sylar on Heroes. Season 11 of American Horror Story co-stars actor James McAvoy, who also appears in NOS4A2, Snowden, The Boys in the Band and 24.

Other Members

  • Russell Tovey As Patrick
  • Charlie Carver As Adam
  • Joe Mantello As Gino
  • Patti LuPone as Kathy

American Horror Story Release Date

The relationship between Sam and Theo, a photographer, was revealed in the season 11 premiere on October 19. (We’ll get back to him in a little.) By giving Theo drugs and encouraging him to take photos of shirtless males in a manner reminiscent of Tom of Finland, he comes across as a creep.

American Horror Story NYC: Who Is Big Daddy?

American Horror Story NYC Who Is Big Daddy
American Horror Story NYC Who Is Big Daddy

As soon as the credits rolled on the FX opener of “American Horror Story: NYC,” viewers were thrust into the 1980s and introduced to Big Daddy. Seriously, who is that? What we saw in the pilot episode pretty much confirms that this is the season’s main antagonist.

Someone is killing people in this show’s universe and no one seems to notice or care. Some people are making an effort to draw more focus to the issue, but they are meeting with opposition.

The fact that almost nobody has any background information on Big Daddy or knows when we last saw him is not helping matters. In addition to the fact that they like their anonymity, they are also part of a culture where many people enjoy having false identities. They exploit the helpless, or at least that’s how it seems after only one episode.

The kidnapping of Gino, who was nearly killed by someone, was a major event in the first two episodes. Could it have been Big Daddy? In my opinion, that just isn’t the case. Meanwhile, at the end of episode 2, Big Daddy made another appearance as Sam went right past him. In addition, Hannah believed she saw him for a short time in Central Park.

Is it feasible that Big Daddy is not so much a person as a ghost or a symbol? This is a major lesson from the pilot and the pilot episode. Other characters are also acting out their own personal demons. Perhaps the deed doesn’t even have to be committed by this particular figure.

Is Big Daddy as likely to become identified with this program as have previous prominent characters? The likes of Twisty the Clown and Rubber Man have set a high standard in this area.

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