Naomi Watts on Feud Season 2: “Baby Paley Was Gorgeous”

In Ryan Murphy’s upcoming “Feud: Capote’s Women,” Naomi Watts is set to play the “perfect” socialite Babe Paley whose husband William S. Paley created CBS.

Following Emmy winner Murphy’s limited series “The Watcher,” “Capote’s Women” premiered in 2017 as the second entry in his anthology series.

It was a pivotal era, especially for women, and it holds a lot of fascination for us even today. Watts said of her current character, “Babe Paley, what an incredible woman.” in an interview. As Truman Capote put it, “her only imperfection was that she was so perfect.”

After Capote published “La Côte Basque 1965,” an excerpt from “Answered Prayers,” in which Capote incriminated his inner circle, Paley and Capote had a bitter falling out.

Watts said of Paley, I’m learning so much about her.” For me, the best part of working on this project is getting to collaborate with such a fantastic group of women. The group is so exciting because of its high energy.

In addition to Tom Hollander as Capote, “Capote’s Women” stars Demi Moore, Chlo Sevigny, Diane Lane, Molly Ringwald, and Calista Flockhart.

Ann Woodward (Moore), C.Z. Guest (Sevigny), Lee Radziwill (Flockhart), Slim Keith (Lane), and Joanne Carson were some of the socialite “swans” in Capote’s inner circle (Ringwald). Murphy and Plan B are executive producing the 1970s-themed series. Directing duties fall on the shoulders of Gus Van Sant, who was nominated for an Oscar.

Watts has discussed how David Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive” was the turning point in her career when she was 33. According to an old quote from Watts in Entertainment Weekly, “I was informed, ‘You better get a lot done because it’s all over at 40 when you become unfuckable.

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And I’m like, ‘What? Can you explain what you mean by that? Then you give it some thought and realize, “Oh, right. To paraphrase a popular saying, “When your reproductive organs stop working, you stop being s*xy, and so you stop being employable.” Really, that has made me furious.

Watts elaborated, saying, “We don’t talk about a man aging practically ever. His grey hair is taboo, so nobody brings it up. And if we do, it’s like, “Oh, he gets more gorgeous, more desirable, and more powerful.”

And what gives him his strength? Simply said, his life experiences have given him wisdom. And the same logic applies to women. At this stage in life, we also have significant and meaningful experiences of which to be proud.

Feud Season 2 Release Date

The fate of the “Feud” television series on the FX Network has not been revealed. However, if the release of the second season of Feud follows the same pattern as the first, we may expect it to premiere on Sunday, April 16, 2023.

Feud Season 2 Release Date
Feud Season 2 Release Date

For What Reason Do We Anticipate the Feud Season 2?

A cultural reset occurred with the release of Feud. In addition to its intriguing plot depicting one of the most notorious celebrity fights of the Golden Age of Hollywood, the series also presented some important conversations concerning the treatment of older women in Hollywood and the stigma associated with having a child in the entertainment industry.

The series also delves into the mutual respect that existed between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, making the characters far deeper and more interesting than one might imagine.

Having a second season of Feud means we get to see more thrilling tales of historical battles on our televisions, but it also gives us a chance to learn about a particular period in history and gain insight into a facet of popular culture that continues to shape our society today.

Feud: Bette and Joan taught us a lot about the power of media, how it can change our daily lives, and, most importantly, how to create compelling television. For these reasons, we can’t wait for the new season to start!

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